Prince Harry charms the kids in first outing since wild Vegas trip

Prince Harry talks to Alex Logant, who puts a toy penguin against his head, as he attends the WellChild awards ceremony InterContinental Park Lane Hotel in London on Monday. (AP)

Alex Logan had it all rehearsed.

The 6-year-old was due to meet Prince Harry (aka Dirty Harry) at the WellChild Awards in London on Monday and he knew exactly what he was going to say when he got face to face: "I'm glad you've got your clothes on Prince Harry."

Young Alex's mistake was revealing his plan on ITV's lunchtime news and Harry caught wind of it.

When the prince crouched down to the youngster, who suffers from leukemia, the dapper royal  made sure he got the first word: "You keep looking up at your mum," he said with a smile and a wag of his finger. "It looks like you're dying to say something but you're worried she'll tell you off. I heard you were on ITV earlier and you said something cheeky -- but lets not talk about that here."

Alex took the hint and instead rubbed his toy penguin Hookie on the Prince's brow. If that's the worst punishment Harry gets for his wild and naked weekend in Las Vegas, he'll gladly take it.

2012-09-03T180132Z_01_LON702_RTRMDNP_3_BRITAINThe event was Harry's first public appearance since he bared all during a booze-induced strip billiards game that was caught on camera. Reports are he was worried the media frenzy that ensued would dog him at the charity event and take away from the cause that helps critically ill children, but he kept his smile intact as he greeted the youngsters.

He even managed to slip in a light reference to his recent adventures in his speech at the awards ceremony, which recognizes some of the courageous stories of the kids dealing with illness: "All of you are, quite frankly, too remarkable for me to adequately describe with mere words. But never one to be shy in coming forward, I'll give it a go."

Teaming Harry with kids was a coincidental PR coup. The prince was clearly enamoured with the children, and they with him. One 5-year-old girl, Hope (right), showed her affection with two licks of her tongue on his face.

"But we've only just met," Harry protested with a grin.

The party-prince episode won't disappear just yet, and it'll take more than charitable appearances to wipe out the embarrassing light it shed on the royal. But if Harry has shown anything, it's an ability to charm the masses and, like his grandmother the Queen, just get on with the job.

Prince Harry playfully wags his finger at Alex Logan at the WellChild awards ceremony, giving him some advice about not bringing up a certain party in Las Vegas. (AFP/GettyImages)

Prince Harry poses with Rose Whittle, 9, left, Alex Logan, 6, and Matthew Merritt, 9, at the WellChild Awards in London on Monday. (Getty Images)

Prince Harry poses with award winners at the WellChild awards ceremony in London on Monday. The eighth WellChild Awards Ceremony that recognises the bravery or seriously ill children. (AFP/GettyImages)


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It's wonderful to see Harry bringing all sorts of smiles and happiness to these kids! I am quite sure they forget about their serious illnesses, at least for the short time he is amongst them. The "Vegas" event was/is simply another short lived prank, a funny one at that, and one which is already fading in peoples' minds. If it is the worst thing he ever does, the Brits and his Grandmother should consider themselves LUCKY, yes, indeed they should. He's not out there, in your face, saying ridiculous, stupid things, or being rude to people in general.He brings a sense of good humour and liveliness to those around him and the kids, and the elderly too, seem to be particularly joyous when around him-long live Harry!

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