Prince Harry plunges back to work, one smile at a time

Prince Harry poses for photgraphs with British swimming gold medallist Jessica-Jane Applegate at the Aquatics Centre during the London 2012 Paralympic Games on Tuesday. (Reuters)

Prince Harry is using his considerable people skills to dig himself out of the mess he found himself in after naked romp in Las Vegas -- and it seems to be working.

After lying low for a week, the prince has vaulted back into the good graces of at least the company he has kept in the past two days. First came his appearance at the WellChild Awards on Monday, where he deftly managed to steer clear of naked photo questions from a 6-year-old, then on Tuesday he plunged into the Paralympic Games, where he stayed dry and spent much of his time posing for pictures with athletes.

5d19959da7d34fa194a6First, he attended the Britain-Denmark goalball game for visually impaired athletes. Spectators remain silent during the game -- except when goals are scored -- so the players can hear the sound of the bells inside the ball. The prince seemed especially intrigued by the concept, trying out the ball on his lap (right).

After Britian's 5-0 victory, it was off the the Aquatics Cente, where he spent about 45 minutes posing for photos quite unlike the ones he found himself in during his wild Vegas weekend.

His appearances were planned well in advance of the photo brouhaha and there was talk Harry would bow out for fear of the distraction it would cause and potentially embarrassing moments. Buckingham Palace also clearly saw an opportunity to get Harry back on track in a positive way.

It's still an open debate as to whether it will serve to curb the prince's occasional wild ways or win him new fans. Several comments from Daily Mail readers in London weren't kind. A sample: "Bone-idle playboy prince tuns up to chat to children, then goes to watch sport that other people have to buy tickets to see. What is worthy, remarkable or commendable about ANY of those activities? Please STOP feeing us Palace PR as if we're mindless 12th centure serfs."

Clearly, this prince still needs work, and the Royal Family is never going to win over everyone.

Prince Harry has little choice but to carry on, one smile at a time.

Prince Harry is given a mascot from an Australian swimmer on Day 6 of the London 2012 Paralympic Games at the Aquatics Centre on Tuesday. (Getty Images)

Prince Harry poses for a picture with a member of Great Britain's Paralympic team during the swimming heats at the at the Aquatics Centre. (Reuters)

Prince Harry was the centre of attention for many Paralympians anxious to get a picture with the royual at the Aquatics Centre on Tuesday. (Getty Images)


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