Prince William "thinking" about having two children

Mcqueen Raoul Erdem
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge had three changes of clothes to go through as she went through Day 2 of her Asian-South Pacific tour with Prince William. Her outfits reflected an international tone with the British Alexander McQueen in the morning, left, Singapore-based Raoul for the afternoon, centre, and an Erdem from Montreal-born  Erdem Moralioğlu, in the evening.

Those walkabouts the royals like to do sometimes produce some interesting chit-chat with the public.

In Singapore on Wednesday, for instance, we learned two things about Prince William: 1) If he could have a superpower, it would be invisibility; and -- here's the real eyeopener -- 2) he's thinking about having two children.

The revelation came from 17-year-old Corine Ackermann, who was among the crowd that came to see William and Kate at the Gardens by The Bay, a 101-hectare park in central Singapore. “Someone asked (the Duke) how many children he would like to have, and he said he was thinking about having two,” she said.

2012-09-12T034444Z_01_SGP800_RTRMDNP_3_BRITAIN-ROYALS-SINGAPOREKate was apparently not within earshot, though one hopes she will be in on the plan.

The comment, innocent as it may be, is the kind of stuff that once again will get the baby talk back up to full steam. It didn't help that Kate has been choosing water for wine when there are toasts to be made during dinners on the tour.

While Day 1 of their Asian-South Pacific tour began with a tour through rich orchid gardens, Day 2 had them gazing at mountain plants and 'supertrees' -- 25-50-metre tall structures with vertical gardens topped by giant canopies -- in the Gardens by The Bay.

A large crowd of several thousand gathered for the Duke and Duchess around the Supertree Grove on Wednesday morning, including schoolchildren waving union jacks.

After paying homage to her hosts on Tuesday by wearing a dress designed by Singapore-born Prabul Gurung, Kate went back to her favourite British fashion house, Alexander McQueen, with a white broderie anglaise suit (right).

Later, Kate changed into a silk skirt and top dress by Asian designer Raoul ($760) for her afternoon schedule, which included a series of cultural performances representing Singapore's Chinese, Malay and Indian communities at Queenstown, and a visit to the Rainbow Centre for children with special needs. The royal couple's schedule for the day also included a visit to a Rolls Royce aircraft engine factory in Seletar.

Kate's third change of clothes -- for a British Gala reception at Eden Hall -- completed an international day of fashion as she chose an Erdem dress. Erdem Moralioğlu is a Montreal-born designer who now works in London. Kate has worn his fashions often, including during last year's tour of Canada.

In the morning, the couple toured the 'cloud forest' conservatory, then gave the crowds what they were waiting and chanting for with a walkabout.

The Straits Times newspaper in Singapore reported that one girl in the crowd asked Prince William what superpower he would most want, to which he replied "invisibility." Asked the same question, Kate said: "I'd pick invisibility too so that William can't sneak up on me."

Another one asked how the Duchess keeps her hair in place with all the heat (36C) and humidity. Kate allowed that her hair "would pouffe up soon enough" and in fact it did seem to be a bit more frizzy as the day wore on.

Fortunately for Kate, she has a hair stylist along for the tour, Amanda Cook Tucker, courtesy of her father-in-law, Charles.

Will and Kate say farewell to Singapore on Thursday, heading for their next stop at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

The Duchess  of Cambridge greets her young fans during her visit to Gardens by The Bay in Singapore on Wednesday. (AP Photo)

Kate receives flowers from fans at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. (Reuters)

One young girl only has eyes for Prince William as he does a walkabout at Gardens by the Bay. (Getty Images)

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge get some shelter from the mist that filled in the air in the cloud forest dome at the Gardens by The Bay. (Getty Images)

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge leaves after greeting fans at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore on Wednesday. (Reuters)

Kate shows off her muscles after she officiates at the launch of the first aero engine and fan blades produced in Singapore at the Rolls Royce Seletar campus on Wednesday. (Reuters)

Kate and William fill the picture-taking screens of the public as the couple visits Strathmore Green housing estate on Day 2 of their Diamond Jubilee tour. (Getty Images)

Prince William is given a gift as he attends a cultural event in Queenstown. (Getty Images)

Prince William helps fallen people up after a barricade fell as crowd surged forward to greet him and Kate as they leave the Rainbow Centre for special needs children.

The Duchess of Cambridge works the crowd that came to Queenstown to meet her as she and Prince William got a taste of Asia with several cultural performances. (Getty Images)

Kate paints with a child during a visit to The Rainbow Centre for special needs children. (Getty Images)

Prince William and Kate join children on stage at the Rainbow Centre in Singapore. (Reuters)

Prince William and Kate make a toast in the honour of Queen Elisabeth's Diamond Jubilee at a British Gala reception at the Eden Hall in Singapore on Wednesday evening. (AFP/GettyImages)


Scotland Yard's royal protection officers have taken a lot of heat for its handling of Prince Harry during his wild Vegas weekend that ended up with his butt splashed around the globe.

343448ef9f844a4d98ddOn Tuesday, it was the Yard's chance to answer back.

"Our role is to maintain the security of our protected individual," Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan Police commissioner, told MPs on the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee.

“They (royals) have to lead a normal life and we have to strike a balance between intrusion into their life and keeping them safe.

"There is a golden line that cannot be crossed, which is getting involved in the social lives of the principals."

Howe added that Scotland Yard is reviewing the trip, though one suspects that whatever changes are made to security, they will not be made public.

One mystifying comment from Hogan-Howe when asked about the naked photos taken by someone with a mobile phone in the prince's suite: "There was nothing inappropriate and what appeared in photographs to be wrong was not as appeared."

Whatever that means ....

As for Harry, Scotland Yard won't have to worry about him for a while. He is under the Army's care for the next four months as he pilots an Apache helicopter in Afghanistan.



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Only two??!!! Isn't that the 'heir and a spare' strategy for the Royal Lineage?

Man up, Will.... have at least 4 children to help the British race to survive.

Be a role model for British married couples and lead the way ... as the King.

i think it is an invasion of her privacy and the photographer should be shackled and the full extent of the law brought down upon all who are involved in this.

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