Kate and Pippa Middleton are queens of the front page

Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton1
Pippa and Kate, seen here at Wimbledon in July, are the exceptions to the rule of male dominance on the front pages of Britain's newspapers.

It is a sister act like no other.

Kate and Pippa do not even have to open their mouths – and really, how often do we hear their voices? – and they are front-page news.

Want proof? Look no further than a study by the Women in Journalism organization in the UK. They released a study this week examining the female presence in print media, from bylines to pictures.

The results showed an all-too-clear conclusion – men are the dominant presence in the newspaper industry, in categories such as bylines, front-page photos and quotes. Except, of course, if there’s a Middleton in the mix.

The study looked at nine national newspapers in Britain over a four-week period in the spring to, among other things, examine the gender split for front page photos. Kate was No. 1, featured in 19 photos, well ahead of that X-Factor king, Simon Cowell, at 13.

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy (who just lost the election) was third with 10, followed by Madeleine McCann (7), the British youngster who disappeared in 2007 and had been the subject of renewed sightings.

SistersPippa Middleton was the only other female in the top 10. And Prince William was the only other royal.

“For the Middleton sisters, the wearing of a new hat or new dress could be enough to prompt a lead front page picture, in a way that would be unlikely to be the case, say, if Prince William or Harry stepped out in a new tie,” the study concluded.

And speaking of Kate …

The Australian edition of Vogue magazine has come up with a guesstimate list of what it costs to actually be like Kate.

Last year, figures showed that Prince Charles forked out about $55,000 to keep Kate in clothes for her first six months as a royal. Vogue started with the notion that doubling that would be fair for the entire year.

Now, add in things like twice-a-month facials ($6,474), hair cuts ($2,420), make-up supplies ($1,272) and other such beautifying tricks, and you come up with a grand total of … drum roll please … $159,090.

A princely sum by any measure.

And speaking of Pippa …

If Kate’s sister really wants to get inside the Royal Family, there’s an opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

Having already verified her credentials as a party planner, through her parents’ business and now with an imminent book launch, perhaps Pippa would really like to get her hands dirty. The Queen has an opening for an “Events Coordinator,” which is just another formal name for party planner anyway.

Among the qualifications, the successful candidate will have skills in staying on top of “trends in hospitality” and making contracts for catering and flowers.

Pippa could do this stuff with her eyes closed, right?

The downside? Well, some of the weekend state dinners might cut into her social scene. And she might find herself working for her sister, which could be awkward. And, of course, she would be making about $41,000 a year, which is barely enough tip money for the bartenders.

On second thought, might be wise to follow that self-employed route for a while. With a $600,000 advance in hand for her book “Celebrate,” she can afford to wait for the right royal post.


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