Prince Harry in the thick of battle against Taliban

Prince Harry has had a busy first month at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan as he co-pilots the heavily-armed Apache helicopter. (Getty Images)

Prince Harry is taking the fight to the Taliban, who have vowed to kill or capture him during his tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Harry1The 28-year-old royal has been in the war-torn country for a month and has been involved in "multiple engagements" with the enemy, a source told the Sun newspaper in London.

Prince Harry, a co-gunner in the Apache attack helicopter, is part of a four-man team that is on alert around the clock.

"Think World War Two Spitfire pilot and the Battle of Britain," the military source told the Sun. "He can be sat in a deckchair for hours then scrambled immediately.

"When in the air his role is diverse. This is no game and Harry is on the frontline of a terrifying war."

Among his missions, he has destroyed enemy targets and provided cover for aircraft sent to rescue an wounded British soldier.

"He's in the thick of it and is one of the lads," said the source. "He's genuinely liked and respected by his comrades and if people think flying an Apache in a war zone is privileged child's play they're on another planet."

That point was driven home a few weeks ago when Harry's base, Camp Bastion, was hit by rockets that killed two American Marines.

On a lighter note, when his four-month deployment ends, Prince Harry can perhaps look forward to reuniting with Cressida Bonas. Radar Online is reporting that the two have been having "heart-to-heart" conversations lately via long-distance phone.

They appeared to have put their dating on hold after Harry's wild and naked Las Vegas weekend, but now the word is that the two are intent on patching up and carrying on with their relationship.

Queen Elizabeth sidelined with bad back

The Queen had a rare sick day on Friday, forcing her to skip an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle.

The 86-year-old monarch has long suffered from back pain and it flared up recently, prompting aides to convince her that being on her feet for the ceremony where she would be handing out 90 honours was a bit too much to ask.

She had already skipped church on Sunday in Scotland, but did manage to preside over the unveiling of a Diamond Jubilee sculpture on Tuesday.

Prince Charles filled in for the Queen for the investiture ceremony.




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Wow - This newspaper is becoming a joke. You have a blog dedicated to slave traders who loves to pose for photo-ops. You are just as bad as those you lay blame on.

Wow! This is definitely the bravest human being who ever lived.

Gee, what a brave couple of young men. One is on the front line of the fight for freedom against terrorists and his brother is risking his life flying search and rescue missions off the coast of Scotland. If you believe ANY of this, let me tell you about Kim Kardashian throwing herself in front of a busload of orphans just before it plunges over a cliff.

That's the saddest thumbs up I have ever seen. Prince Harry is being used by the royals like everyone else. In the thick of battle with the Taliban. Come on.........

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