Prince Harry named man of the year ... warts and all

Say this much about Prince Harry ... he's rarely boring.

Harry bahama1In a year that has seen him don multiple masks (soldier, party-goer, bachelor, athlete, gambler, Taliban target, charity buff, in the buff ... just to name a few), the 28-year-old royal has both tested the patience of the Royal Family and earned its respect.

A neat trick. Maybe that's why he finds himself with yet another title... man of the year. The glossy British society magazine Tatler has pasted that label on Harry in its November issue. Under the title 'Dirty Harry,' the magazine does the alliteration three-step, selling the prince's sizzle: "The Girls, The Gangs, The Gaffes."

While they might have been tempted to show a topless Harry in all his Vegas glory, the magazine kept its upper-crust feel with a close-up photo of Harry from his royal tour of the Bahamas last spring, wearing his dress uniform of the Blues and Royals regiment (right).

Making it especially special is that Harry is only the second man to be on Tatler's cover in the UK in 20 years. The last one, according to the UK's Sunday Express, was Harry's dad, Prince Charles. The headline in that case -- believe it or not -- was "Is Prince Charles too sexy for his own good?"

For Harry, the magazine will run through the long list of Harry's extracurricular expolits, from smoking week to his infamous strip billiards game in Vegas. One of the more interesting revelations is what people think of Harry after the Vegas episode. According to a poll the magazine did, 59 per cent of respondents said their opinion of the partying prince went up. And 72 per cent said 'yes' when asked if they would have played strip billiards with Harry if invited to his Vegas suite."

Which begs the question, what have the other 28 per cent got against a Vegas vacation?

Tatler magazine has featured several royal-like covers over its century of publication. Left, in 1959, the Queen and her family was featured -- just one of many Queen-themed covers by Tatler. More recently, there was the Queen's granddaughter Zara, the Duchess of Cambridge's sister Pippa, and Kate herself, Andy Warhol-style.


The Queen has her corgies, Kate has her cocker spaniel, and Camilla has her Jack Russells.

BluebellThe royals' fascination with canines took another spin last week when Camilla added to her JK collection with a second puppy from the rescue centre (right photo).

The name is Bluebell, a new companion not only for the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles, but also for fellow dog refugee Beth. This pair essentially take the place of the previous two Jack Russells under Camilla's care: Tosca and Rosie.

Bluebell will be in for a shock in her new surroundings. The dog was just four weeks old when it was found by someone and taken to the Battersea rescue centre, having lost a lot of hair and suffering with sore skin.

Now, it will be having the run of the Prince's estates, including Birkhall, Clarence House and Highgrove. All it has to do is keep Camilla company on walks. Nice work if you can get it.

Of course, the dogs didn't come without some hurdles. Like everyone else, Camilla had to undergo a background check and come up with $165 to cover vaccinations and paperwork.







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You can certainly see Prince Philip's genes in this picture. No doubt he is his father's boy.

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