Prince William and Kate both thrive as they go their separate ways

William cake
Prince William gets a laugh out of the special cake that re-enacts the getaway scene from his wedding in April 2011. (Getty Images)

So this is how it works after a year and a half of marriage ... 'you go here, I'll go there.'

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were pretty much joined at the hip for the first year of their union, rarely making public appearances apart. The plan, such as it was, was to ease Kate into her new royal role and eliminate any pressure to perform. By extension, it probably also helped William, who could relax a little knowing his wife was taking the burden of the shutterbug traffic.

How times have changed. It is no longer a shock to see Kate by her lonesome, or for William to step out on a solo gig.

It's been clear over the past several months that Kate is quite at ease leading the charge on a royal visit. Her last one in northeast England -- while William was attending a funeral -- showed a confident Kate, easily taking her royal role in stride. Next Tuesday, she'll be on her own again, representing her husband at a reception at Buckingham Palace for some of Britain's Olympians. If there's any pressure, it's that she'll have to keep pace with her grandparents-in-law, the Queen and Prince Philip.

William will be in Wales, trying to make up for all the time off he has had lately from his search-and-rescue duties with the RAF.

London carHe begged off work again on Tuesday night as he attended The October Club dinner in London at the Savoy. The occasion was paying tribute to the St. Giles Trust, one of the prince's charities, that works with ex-offenders.

Standard royal stuff, complete with the requisite tux ... but there was a pleasant twist.

One of the desserts featured a novelty cake, recreating the Will and Kate as they sped away in Prince Charles' classic 1969 Aston Martin after the royal wedding.

The prince couldn't help but laugh ... perhaps at the memory of the day, or the unintended gaffe that happened as he and Kate spun out from the Palace courtyard. It was only months later that Prince Charles revealed to a photographer that William had left the hand brake on.

There was no such mistake with the cake version.

''It is a vanilla cake, with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream," said its maker, Claudia Newberry of Bidborough.

"And only three components of the cake are not edible -- the windscreen, Catherine's veil, and the wires holding on the balloons.''

A sweet tribute, literally.

In real life, the couple sped away to their only-slightly-delayed honeymoon in the Seychelles.

Once inseparable, they are now comfortable to go their separate ways on royal engagements. Yep, they're married alright.

William car1
Prince William takes a closer look at the cake re-creating a part of his and Kate's wedding day. (Reuters)


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Worst title ever. I totally thought they were getting a divorce or something based off of the headline. All you had to do was tag on at the end "at royal functions" or something. This headline was totally misleading.

Cute cake, though.

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