Bikers swear by their leather jackets ... just ask Prince Charles

New bike
Prince Charles talks with Poppy Day ambassadors from the Royal British Legion Riders Branch as he meets during London Poppy Day at Clarence House. On the lower left side of the biker's jacket is a message that seems to have escaped the prince's attention (we've blurred out some letters). (AP Photo)

You can always count on bikers to get their message across.

The Riders branch of the Royal British Legion had a photo-op with Prince Charles on Thursday in support of London Poppy Day, a one-day campaign blitz that had a goal of 1 million pounds ($1.6 million) to go toward the Poppy Appeal goal of $67.5 million.

The bikers, while true to their charitable cause, are also, in case it escaped their audience, people in leather jackets with big loud motorcycles and a general air of independent thinking and raw language.

Some of that language appears on patches on their leather garb and one, in particular, was not out of the camera's view as Prince Charles hob-nobbed with the bikers in his double-breasted bespoke suit. The message of the badge was, to put it mildly, blunt (see photo above).

There was no indication that the Prince saw the badge, or, if he did, took offence. It may, after all, had not been meant for him. Maybe.

It certainly did not spoil the royal's mood as he greeted volunteers for the Poppy Appeal. He joked about joining a sing-along on the Poppy Day double-decker bus, where he greeted more fundraisers, and even posed on one of the bikers' Harley-Davidsons.

Poppy Day ambassador Ben Shephard floated the idea that it would have been a nifty idea to keep the prince on the Poppy bus for much longer than he had planned.

"We thought we could try and drive off with him on the bus and launch a ransom to raise more money," Shephard said. "But he thought we wouldn't get very far."

The Poppy Appeal raises money for military veterans and families of armed forces personnel.

Prince and bike
Prince Charles poses on a motorcycle with a Poppy Day ambassador as he meets ambassadors and collectors on board the London Poppy Day red bus at Clarence House. (AP Photo)

Prince Charles poses on a Routemaster bus as he meets ambassadors and collectors on the London Poppy Day red bus. (Getty Images)

Want Kate's hair? You are not alone

Jerry Hall Kate middleton


Jerry Hall and Duchess Kate have the kind of hair many women envy.

It is approaching the boring phase that Kate, Duchess of Cambrigdge appears on just about every best-of list in the UK. Best dressed, best looks, best shoes, best skin, best best best ....

So no surprise she's on another one, this one via a poll from Fabriah. com, a hair product retailer who asked 700 female patrons which celebrity had the hair that they themselves would most like to have.

No. 1, naturally, was Kate, whose 30-year-old mane is the envy of many. She was followed (perhaps a little unnaturally), by 56-year-old model Jerry Hall, ex of ageless Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger.

The rest of the top 10, in order: Cheryl Cole, Kelly Brooke, Victoria Beckham and Adele (tied for fifth), Holly Willoughby, Nicole Scherzinger, Michelle Obama, and Charlotte of "Geordie Shore," the British version of "Jersey Shore."


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