Duchess Kate puts new hairstyle through tough test at Cambridge

Cambridge kate
The new hairstyle of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge  is blown by the wind during a visit with Prince William to Cambridge on Wednesday. (Reuters)

It's all about the hair, of course.

When Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge stepped off the train with Prince William in the town that is the centre of their dukedom, it was clear this day was going to challenge her new hairstyle.

With a light rain and gusty winds whipping around, she had a little trouble keeping the mane tamed, but otherwise it survived the busy schedule.

During a walkabout, Joanne Baldwin, 30, told Kate that she "loved her new hair style," to which the Duchess replied: "'I'm not sure about it. It's a bit windy today."

It was the first trip Will and Kate made to Cambridge since their wedding, but the locals didn't seem to mind the long wait for their namesakes. The crowds were reportedly three and four deep around Cambridge University's Senate to catch a glimpse of them.

AngelsWearing a pink MaxMara Belli coat ($1,500) with Aquatalia boots ($415), Kate chatted easily with the crowd and made sure to tickle a few babies along the way (as did William).

Meanwhile, Kate's hairdo, reportedly done by London's Richard Ward, was the topic-du-jour for Twitter pundits and fashion commentators. She stepped into the spotlight with the new look -- darker, more layered -- on Tuesday night at the Natural History Museum in London.

You can't call the changes earth-shattering, but in the world of celebrity, even minor alterations turn heads. Most often, the comparisons were drawn to the "Charlie's Angels" look (either Farah Fawcett, right, or Jaclyn Smith, left, with Kate Jackson) of '70s TV fame.

Katy Young, fashion editor at the Telegraph, said the new fringe has "breathed new life" into Kate's "schoolgirl locks."

"Reminiscent of the sweeping fringe from which Lady Diana would peak beneath; this soft sweeping fringe marks a new brave era in the Duchess of Cambridge's beauty style. It's whole lot more sophisticated and dare we say it: 'in touch,'" wrote Young.

One of the UK's top hairdressers, Jamie Stevens, told Yahoo!: "It’s great to see her experimenting with this new fringe and shows that she’s becoming more daring in trying something new."

Lucky William. All he has to worry about is an enlarging bald spot.

Of course, the purpose of the visit was to finally check out the place that is attached to their names. In a speech, Prince William talked of the "immense pride" he and Kate felt as they toured the area, and of the "brilliant minds" that have come from the halls of its university.

He remembered, too, a visit he and his brother Harry made to Cambridge's Trinity College.

"My brother Harry and I were fortunate enough to come to Cambridge five years ago, when we spent a couple of days at Trinity," he said. Then came the punchline: "I have to say, it's the closest Harry's ever got to university."

Kate meet

Kate babyThe Duchess of Cambridge  greets some of the youngsters, and babies, who came out to see the royals at Guildhall in Cambridge on Wednesday. (Reuters, Getty Images)











William kid
Prince William meets with a young member of the public as he arrives at the Guildhall during a visit to Cambridge. (AP Photo)

Kate balcony
Kate hair

Kate and Prince William give the crowd a good view of themselves as she tries to keep her hair on course on the balcony of Cambridge Guildhall on Wednesday. (Getty Images)

  Kate hair1Kate staff
Kate looks a little surprised as she speaks to university staff and students during a visit to Senate House in Cambridge. (AP Photo)

Prince William speaks to members of the public following a visit to the Guildhall in Cambridge. (Reuters)

The duchess meets children working on projects as she visits Manor School while paying an official visit to Cambridge  with Prince William on Wednesday. (Getty Images)

Kate wraps her arm around Prince William so the couple can strike a pose for patient Linda Smith at Peterborough City Hospital on Wednesday. (Getty Images)

Kate crowd
The Duchess of Cambridge looks a little harried -- or at least her hair does -- as she meets well wishers during a visit to Peterborough City Hospital on Wednesday. (AP Photo)


Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge meet shelter guest Carmelo Giammona at Jimmy's, a night shelter in Cambridge. (Getty Images)

You can take the Italian out of Italy, but you'll never take the romance out of the Italian.

Will and Kate's visit to Cambridge on Wednesday included a stop at Jimmy's, a homeless shelter. One of its residents, Carmelo Giammona, couldn't resist planting a kiss on the duchess's hand.

To which Kate responded: "Oh, you've made me blush!"

Replied Carmelo: "You make me blush as well. You're a beautiful lady."

Originally from Rocca di Mezzo, east of Rome, the 43-year-old Giammona has been living in Britain for 18 years, reports the Daily Mail. He's been living at the shelter for two weeks after losing his job as a catering manager. Now he helps out in the shelter's kitchen, teaching residents some basics of healthy cooking.

The Kate kiss, he said, was a spur of the moment decision. He then coaxed a photo-op out of them, posing between the royals while another resident snapped a shot with their phone.

"I was shaking when I asked them for a picture," Giammona admitted.



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I'm not sure what's worse, the fact that an article this long was inspired by a very simple change in hairstyle or the fact that I read this article...

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