Duchess Kate to Kardashian: 'Thanks, but no thanks'















Kim Kardashian, left, at her Kardashian Kollection launch in London on Nov. 9. Right, Duchess Kate in her Alice Temperley gown on Nov. 8.

Perhaps it's the 'K' thing, but those Kardashian sisters are stretching their vast imaginations if they think they can add another 'K' -- as in Kate -- to their Kollection.

Make no mistake. These girls are no fools. With head-turning looks, and in spite of no discovered talent, they have managed to build a mini-empire. From the pedestal of reality TV, they have spun out dollars on their self-styled fashion sense.

Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian Odom attend the photocall to launch the Kardashian Kollection for Dorothy Perkins at Westfield on November 10, 2012 in LondonIt's no surprise there would be a Khloe-Kim-Kourtney clothing line -- the Kardashian Kollection. No surprise, either, that they would do a label launch in London (right), where they know the fashion industry has been riding a high on the popularity of anything worn by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

So it probably shouldn't have been surprise, either, that they would send Kate a few samples of the merchandise. Just in case, you know, she might want to stroll down the street in one of their designs.

"(Kim) had hoped Kate might be seen wearing one of the designs out in public, which would give their fashion credentials a huge boost," a source told the Daily Star.

Alas, according to reports, the duchess has set them straight, and sent the clothes straight back. The Kate policy is quite clear -- no gifts from strangers. And especially no free clothes, which are immediately sent back. She has a clothing allowance from which she pays for clothes, since she cannot be seen to be endorsing any one product for profit.

In royalese ... 'back off, Kim.' Which must be a little shocking for the sisters who never seem to hear the word 'no.' Then again, they already got what they wanted ... more publicity for the Kardashian brand.

"Kate seems like a really sweet person and she's a princess," Kim told one interviewer. "We love her sense of fashion. She could wear our looks and team it with one of her hats."

In your dreams, Ms Kardashian.

UPDATE: Waiting just long enough for a fresh news cycle, E! online reports that a Kim Kardashian source has denied trying to contact Kate. "Kim was working the whole time and though she admires Kate, she didn't reach out to her," said the source.


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So in other words they (Kardashians) would like Kate to dress like a cheap big headed prostitute?! Are they high on drugs? A cutie like Kate has plenty of real European flair artists to choose from. What a cheeck!

good foe her!
she is intellect and she has gone to University
and she is classy
none of he qualities that the sisters have

Kim looks like a fat little sausage in that black dress. It is pretty hideous and unflattering. Well, not that she'd even look good in a paper bag. Ick. I wish the Kardashians would go away.

Wow! Your photo comparison says it all. KK looks swathed in a garbage bag and looks like trash. Good thinking, princess in both a moral and fashion sense. Keep the K's at bay.

... and the only reason that it garnered publicity is because the media is only too happy to regurgitate this non-news.

Still trying to figure out why anything about the Kardashians would be important to me. ??

Could we all just start ignoring the Kardashians so they will go away. I just don't get why they keep winning free publicity. They are tacky, ignorant, shallow, materialistic cows who represent everything that is bad about modern media culture.

Ummm..good job making a story out of nothing. If Kate doesn't accept any freebies from anyone...that means she's likely turned down a lot of designers - including the Kardashians. She has not snubbed the KK girls any more than she's probably snubbed gucci, prada, chanel, etc.

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