Gun scare at Prince William and Kate's home when weapon is 'accidentally' fired

A shiver when down Scotland Yard's spine last week when a gunshot was heard outside the home of Prince William and his wife Kate in Anglesey, Wales.

514479866The fear was short-lived, as it was discovered that one of their plain-clothed protection officers accidentlally fired his gun. Nevertheless, the Yard has launched a investigation into the Oct. 24 incident and the policeman has been suspended from carrying a firearm.

The officer was sitting in a car at the time with a second officer when he "unintentionally discharged a firearm," according to Metropolitan Police, who only revealed the the facts of the accident on Friday. The bullet went into the floor of the unmarked vehicle and no one was hurt.

Reports are that Kate was in the home during the lunchtime incident while William was at RAF Valley, where he works at a helicopter pilot for search and rescue.

While it's easy to slough off the incident as no-harm, no-foul, Scotland Yard is playing it by the book as they hold an internal inquiry. Royal protection officers are generally equipped with a 9mm Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol.

This isn't the first time royals have been in the vicinity of gun accidents. In June 2000, the Queen and Prince Philip were aboard the Royal Train when one of their protection officers fired two shots by accident. The royal couple were sleeping in the next car at the time.

Police in the UK have had more than their share of accidental gun discharges. An investigation reported in the Daily Mail in 2010 revealed 110 incidents over three years when police fired their weapons unintentionally, or were guilty of "negligent dischages." That's compared to 29 incidents where the guns were fired on purpose.

Which just goes to show, even though the royals are well protected, the presence of guns doesn't make it safe.



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The royals have stood by war and violence for too long. This is a message to the royals to take a look at their lives. A big spiritual lesson is that there are no accidents. The royals have not come by their wealth honestly - they need security and threat of harm to keep their world safe but that may just backfire on them.

It is the presence of policemen who cannot resist playing with the firearm that is not safe. There is only one place for a policeman's firearm and that is holstered until it is required. The attitude that it is the firearm that is the danger led to laws that virtually keep firearms out of the hands of everyone but the criminal. This in turn leads to some sort of fascination and a need to have it in your hand for no reason that causes problems.
I carried a firearm on duty as an RCMP officer in Canada for 26 years and never felt the need to fondle it.

I will read about the royal family and not just because a then Kate Middleton joined their family but because they all do great work for their country and our"s of Ontario Canada.

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