Prince Charles targeted for attack with horse manure

Sam Bracanov
Sam Bracanov talks to the press after appearing at the Auckland District Court where he entered a not guilty plea for allegedly preparing to commit an assault on Prince Charles and his wife Camilla in Auckland. (Getty Images)

He has tried air freshener. He has tried horse manure. But none of it can remove the "stink of royalty" that Sam Bracanov perceives to surround Prince Charles.

The 74-year-old New Zealander has been ordered to stay at least 500 metres from Prince Charles and Camilla as they continue their tour of Bracanov's country this week. He pleaded not guilty on Tuesday after being arrested Monday for preparing to commit an assault -- a poop toss to be more precise -- against the prince in Auckland.

He told reporters after being released on bail that he had mixed horse manure with water to the consistency of "porridge."

CharlesThe poop plot failed when he was caught by CCTV cameras with the bucketful of surprise and was arrested before Charles and Camilla arrived for a walkabout in the downtown area (right)

"I would have done it," Bracanov insisted as he gabbed with reporters while sitting on a garbage bin. "They qualify (for being royal) with their body, not with the brain," he said. "You've got to respect what the brain produce. Body produce what is going to toilet. So I prepare a bucket of ---, so I would hit them."

In a radio interview, Prince Charles shrugged off Bracanov's attempt. "I haven't decided whether to take it as a compliment or not," he told Radio New Zealand. "These things occasionally happen. It's one of the risks you run.''

Bracanov, who has never hid his hatred of royalty, was fined in 1994 when he tried and failed to sweeten Prince Charles with air fresheners during a royal tour of New Zealand. And it's not just Charles he's after. In 1988, he tossed a bucket of manure at a car in which King Juan Carlos of Spain was travelling.

Bracanov, originally from Yugoslavia, vowed that he will "wait till next time" for another attempt, though he insisted that he isn't out to hurt Charles.

"What for? There is no need to approach him," he said. "I was only concerned for those people around him. Why should you smell such an awful dreadful smell.''

Charles, who is celebrating his 64th birthday Wednesday, and Camilla wrap up their two-week tour of Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand on Friday.

While Bracanov takes anti-royal matters to the extreme, he's not alone in his sentiment. The republican movement is strong in places like Australia, though recent polls have suggested increasing popularity for the Royal Family.


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