Prince Harry playing matchmaker with fellow soldiers

Prince Harry loves a good joke, even in a war zone.

Prince Harry1Halfway through his four-month tour of duty in Afghanistan, the 28-year-old royal has reportedly taken to generating a few laughs by signing up some of his helicopter pals to dating websites.

"Him and a few of the team there have been on the internet during down time," an unnamed source told the Daily Star, "and Harry’s made two of the lads laugh by signing them up to dating websites.

"On one site, he’s joined his pal up to meet a more mature woman. It caused much-needed amusement in between some very hard work."

Harry, a co-pilot gunner on the Apache attack helicopter, is due to return to Britain from Camp Bastion in January. Although he'll not be at the annual Royal Family gathering at Sandringham for Christmas, word is that his brother William is planning to have Harry join in via video on a big screen.

It'll be a welcome calm before another potential storm.

Harry has always loved a party, but we're not sure how amused with this report: One of the women who was part of his naked billiards blowout in Las Vegas in August plans on writing a "tell-all" book about the episode, including some fresh pix from the royal's drunkfest.

According to Celebuzz, Carrie Reichert -- the only one to talk about that night in Vegas to the media -- will turn her journal into a book. "And it will answer the question once and for all: did she have sex with the prince?" a source close to Reichert is quoted.

How much to believe is an open question. Reichert, a 40-year-old beautician from San Diego, told one British tabloid after the Vegas weekend about her one-on-one time with Harry -- him naked and her in a string bikini. They had a "drunken fumble," she said, and Harry was a "gentleman" but completely "wasted."

St. James's Palace said her story was "completely untrue." Reichert herself was arrested a few weeks later because of bad cheques she had written in Mississippi in 2003.

"The book will blow the lid off exactly what happened," the Celebuzz source said.

At this point, does it really matter?



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Blow the lid off of what happen? Seriously, this woman is desperate and grasping for straw to make a penny out of a one chance encounter that she will never be able to duplicate again. She was arrested for writing bad checks. How much facts you think her "tell all" book will contain? At this rate, anyone interested to find out what actually happen should just go ahead and make up his or her own fantasy using their own imaginations.

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