U.S. troops can't help falling in love with the Elvis in Prince Harry

Elvis Presley was in the U.S. Army, posted in Germany for a year and a half before returning home as a sergeant and resuming his singing/movie career.

HarryIt might be that Prince Harry is 'All Shook Up', shacked up in Afghanistan's 'Heartbreak Hotel' with a 'Hound Dog' look and just begging for someone to be his 'Teddy Bear'.

On the other hand, perhaps the young royal is just a hunka hunka 'Burning Love', eager to change 'Suspicious Minds' about his 'Viva Las Vegas' weekend, where he certainly wasn't found 'Crying in the Chapel'.

Whatever the case, there's no question Harry has some of the swagger of Vegas, which is reportedly enough to have U.S. army types in Afghanistan -- where Harry is based for next several months -- to give him the nickname 'Elvis.'

The UK's Daily Star quotes a U.S. source as saying the American troops at Camp Bastion -- where most of the British troops are based in the war-torn country -- have taken a liking to Harry, aka Capt. Wales. And there's no better compliment than bestowing a nickname.

Given Harry's infamous naked weekend in Vegas before being shipped out for his Afghan tour, a splashy, Vegas-type name seemed appropriate. Maybe with a royal theme. Hence ... Elvis, the king of rock 'n' roll.

“A lot of the boys are trying to get Harry to go on another trip to Vegas when their service is done,” the Daily Star quotes its source.

“Harry has become a real celebrity around the camp. At first the Marines thought he would be a sit-at-home soldier, but were shocked when he just kept on notching up the missions. He has been on some hair-raising runs, but refuses to be treated any differently from the rest of the lads.”

The Elvis connection with England isn't far off. The King's only daughter Lisa Marie lives on a English countryside estate in the small village of Rotherfield.

Harry has two months left on his four-month tour of duty as a co-pilot gunner on the Apache attack helicopter. Harry's father, Prince Charles, in Australia for a two-week royal tour, told soliders there that he has has received three phone calls from Harry. There is no Skype or mobile phone service at the base for family calls, so Harry lines up like everyone else and waits his turn for home-bound calls.

Forget the regular mail. Last thing Harry wants is a letter marked 'Return to Sender.'

There will be no break for the seasonal holidays either. This will be the second Christmas -- 2007 was the first -- that Prince Harry will not be with the Royal Family at Sandringham.

Sounds like a 'Blue Christmas.'


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Given that it is Remembrance Day and the Prince acquits himself with courage in the field, I have to ask, why the juvenile, ridiculous tone of this article?

There's a huge difference between Elvis' miltary service and Harry's. Elvis was forced to leave a very successful and lucrative music and film career to do two years of compulsory military service, not know whether he would still have a career to resume. By all accounts he was a good solider, not receiving any special treatment.

Harry on the other hand is on a PR exercise to shore up the popularity of the Royal Family. His 4 months in Afghanistan is a farce which costs the UK taxpayer a forture in extra security and other costs.

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