Can Will and Kate defy royal baby name tradition?

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Lets face it ... Will and Kate's baby will likely have a boring name. Most royals do.

Look at the Queen's kids -- Charles, Anne, Andrew, Edward. We get sleepy-eyed just reciting them.

The next generation finally has a chance to break the mold, to boldly pick a name from a hat no royal has dared to wear.

Will Prince William and Kate raise the bar and stop dipping into that stagnant pond of names from long dead bluebloods? 

Not likely.

But just in case they do, we have some suggestions to stretch the name protocol wihout abandoning royal ties. They will, naturally, go unheeded. After that, you can vote for your favourites from among the names oddmakers are betting on.

Aston: Prince William's favourite soccer team is Aston Villa. It is clearly better than saddling their child with the monicker of Harry’s favourite team, Arsenal. (What do you think they'd call him for short?)

Bucky: Since the little one will one day be living in Buckingham Palace, what better than a name that would remind everyone of that?

H3t4k9z3Britannia (or Brittney): This names drips British, and also might remind the royals of their sea legs aboard the departed royal yacht.

Erdem: A homage to one of Kate’s favourite designers (Montreal-born to boot). In fact, since the royals like a lot of middle names, she can combine lots of labels to create a truly noble name: Erdem Issa Alice Jenny Roksanda McQueen Reiss LK Bennett Windsor. Fit that on the old credit card.

Harper Eleven: One of William’s best friends, David Beckham, named his little girl Harper Seven ('Harper' for author Harper Lee, Seven for his jersey number). Eleven works since it sums up the two numbers from the date they were married (29).

Oprah: Could be first royal with a talk show and almost as much money as Chicago's icon of TV royalty.

Pippa: Princess Pippa kinda has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Huppj2z3Prince:  Might as well go all out and just call him what he is. Saves on the stationary.

Val: Works for either sex and, when he/she grows up, Will and Kate can tell them it reminded them of a simpler time when dad was a pilot at RAF Valley. Grandpa Charles can then remind the youngster he's descended from Vlad the Impaler.

Zorba: Great-grandpa Prince Philip was born in Greece. It's about time some of that heritage made it into the royal name book. Zorba accomplishes that, with an exclamation point.

Okay, your turn to vote (you can make up to three choices each):


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Come on... lets give the parents a break! Lets get out of their lives for a while and let them enjoy parenthood.

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