Pregnant Kate finds some comfort in shortbread

151755377Finally, here's something all the Duchess Kate wannabes can afford.

Designer gowns, expensive shoes and diamond-encrusted earrings are not necessary to feel Kate-like these days. Instead of the dough you find in your wallet, all you need is a little cookie dough.

The Duchess of Cambridge, now entering her second trimester of pregnancy, has apparently developed one of those well-know side effects of being with child -- cravings. In her case, according to the Sun in London, it's lavender shortbread.

“A lot of women develop cravings during pregnancy and Kate is no exception," a source told the paper. "She has got a real taste for these biscuits.

“Lavender is said to have healing properties, so it is not such a wacky food to nibble on when you’re pregnant.”

Even better, the sugary cookies are in plentiful supply around the royal household, since they are available from Prince Charles's Duchy Originals, a company he set up in 1990 to promote organic recipes and farming.

Lavender shortbreadOf course, you can always make them yourself.

It helps that lavender is one of the cures for morning sickness. Even the smell of it can reportedly settle a stomach. Kate has had more than enough of that queasy feeling, having been hospitalized for several days with acute morning sickness.

On the craving scale, Kate is very much a commoner. Sweets are one of the most common cravings during pregnancy, as are items like pickles, cheese, bacon and peanut butter. One report also said Kate has developed a particular fondness for scones with jam and clotted cream.

The royal couple didn't get much of a chance to feast on biscuits at the Queen's Sandringham estate. They missed Christmas with the Royal Family, opting to spend the day at the Middleton family home in Bucklebury, though they show up for Boxing Day in time for the annual pheaant shoot. Prince William joined in the hunt, while Kate spent time out of the rain with the Queen.

They were expected to spend New Year's at Prince Charles's Scottish retreat, Birkhall.




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The annual Boxing Day pheasant hunt at Sandringham! What a lovely way to celebrate the season: by going out and shooting a bunch of wild animals, just for the "sport" of it!

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