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Mitt and Ann Romney 'feel the pain' in first interview

Mitt Romney, his wife Ann (C) and son Tagg watch one of Tagg's son play soccer in Belmont, Massachusetts, in this September 15, 2012 photo. (Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

Nearly four months after the White House slipped through their hands, Mitt and Ann Romney have broken their silence with a first sit-down interview acknowledging the impact of their loss.

The Romneys, unsurprisingly, chose the friendly terrain of Fox News Sunday for the occasion. But host Chris Wallace, who previewed the piece in an interview today, insists "It's not a softball interview, there are plenty of tough questions."

Wallace describes the interview, which airs Sunday morning, as emotional in places, with Ann Romney having a harder time than her husband in coming to terms with the dismal end to the all-consuming 2012 presidential campaign.

"He's in a better place than she is," Wallace told Politico. "Not to say she's bitter -- and she enjoys her life.

"Look, they live on the beach, north of San Diego and a bunch of their grandkids are around. You know, they've got a pretty great life. But I think she feels the pain and the what-ifs and the hurt more than he does. And it comes through in the inteview. There's a lot of emotion that comes through in the interview and she's been more open about it, the 'what might have been.'"

Mitt Romney, by constrast, while acknowledging "he made some mistakes," remains more stoic, said Wallace.

"He thinks that the president did what he did and I think he feels there is a liberal bias in the media and it is what it is and you deal with it and you don't expect anything different and that's part of what you wage in a campaign," Wallace said.

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