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South Florida beaches reopen after shark closures; more closures still possible

Tens of thousands of sharks have been spotted along the Atlantic Coast of Florida this week, prompting temporary shutdowns at several South Florida beaches.

Beaches were closed and people were told to stay out of the water as this year's migration of spinner and blacktip sharks brought the animals closer to shore than usual.

The migration coincided with Spring Break and comes just as thousands of Canadians are heading south to Florida for March Break.

Three beaches in Palm Beach County reopened Thursday afternoon, the Palm Beach Post reports. But more beach closures are possible, according to the Associated Press.

Stephen Kajiura of the Biological Sciences department at Florida Atlantic University told the Star the migration occurs every year.

"The unusually warm winter might have delayed migration so there are lots of animals now," he wrote in an email to the Star.

"The large aggregations consist primarily of blacktip sharks, with some spinners.  There are a few other species represented that are not part of this migration including tiger sharks and great hammerhead sharks, probably feeding on the blacktips and spinners."

Here's video from WPTV news channel on the swarm of sharks:



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Go swim with the sharks! Why go through the hassle of flying/driving to Florida? Yes, it's warmer there now, but you look for the shade and sleep in an air conditioned room. What's the point? If it is too cold for you here in Canada, turn up the heat a notch and you will be just fine!

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