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Rare JFK tape: "I don't know why we do anything for Dallas"

So this is eerie. Not in the 'Hey, JFK conspiracy theorists, gather-round' sense. Yet strange enough it just seems wrong not to share.

While researching another project on John F. Kennedy, we stumbled upon a startling bit of JFK audio.

Date: Nov. 7, 1962.

Setting: Kennedy is in the Oval Office, chatting on the phone with newly elected Texas Gov. John Connally, a fellow Democrat. They are reflecting on the Texas electorate, and in particular the weakness of Democratic support in the city of Dallas.

Where it gets surreal: At the 33-second mark, as he contemplates the numbers, Kennedy gripes, "I don't know why we do anything for Dallas."

Where it gets even weirder: Connally responds, saying, "I'm telling you, they just murdered all of us."

The strangeness of this exchange becomes somewhat exponential when you remember that Connally was in the jump-seat alongside JFK a year later in Dallas, suffering multiple injuries in the same burst of fire that killed the president.

But don't take our word for it. Have a listen:


Connally survived wounds to his chest, wrist and thigh on Nov. 22, 1963 and lived a full life, active in politics to the end. He died in 1993. The blood-stained suit Connally wore in the motorcade is now on display for the first time in 50 years at the Texas state archives in Austin.

H/T to the Miller Centre -- www.millercenter.org -- for making these old Kennedy dictaphone recordings available.

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The last words President Kennedy heard was Mrs. Connally saying "you can't say Dallas doesn't love you Mr. President".

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