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Anarchists say they're being scapegoated

Damage to an Royal Bank branch in Ottawa's Glebe neighbourhood after a fire attack Tuesday. Photo: Fred Chartrand, the Canadian Press

An Ontario anarchist group has sent out an email press release criticizing the media for making "scapegoats" of anarchists in the recent arson attack in Ottawa.

Common Cause describes itself as an anarchy group with branches in Ottawa, London, Toronto and Hamilton. The group insists there is no indication the recent firebombing of a Royal Bank branch in Ottawa's Glebe neighbourhood had anything to do with anarchists.

"Nowhere in the statement or video that was published online was it claimed that those responsible were anarchists," the press release states. "For the media to claim that this is the work of anarchists without any evidence is the worst sort of red-baiting and gets a F grade in basic journalism."

The press release goes on to say that Common Cause has no idea what the perpetrators' politics are, nor can they "rule out the possibility that this act was carried out by agent-provocateurs."

"Workers, including bank workers, have nothing to fear from anarchists," Common Cause states. "Together the working class has the power to shut this entire capitalist system down and work for our own needs instead of the profits of the bosses."

In the press release, Common Cause says anarchism is not about violence but "creating a highly organized and democratic society, free of hierarchy and exploitation." The group says they want to challenge capitalism through labour and community organizing, using methods that include strikes, picket lines and occupations.

And as it turns out, anarchists are also into neatly worded, well-constructed press releases, as it would seem. There are publicists out there who could learn a thing or two from these guys when it comes to composing a well-written press statement.


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Anarchists want to create a "highly organized" society? Huh? These clowns call themselves anarchists? Why? Because black is flattering? Because chicks dig "anarchists"? Listen, kids, that ain't anarchy. It's garden-variety, I-want-what-I-want-but-somebody-else-has-to-pay-for-it whiny grad student leftism.

REAL anarchists want to tear down and destroy all structures, institutions and governments. Blowing up banks is prototypical behavior. (Not that it accomplishes much, unless you're going to destroy fire insurance companies at the same time.) Live up to your name or go back to school and get another degree.

Cowards. A real anarchist would have shot the firemen and cops who answered the alarm. You're just phonies, aren't ya? You'll wimp out in Toronto, too. Oooh! A smartly-worded press release! Capitalists are trembling in their Guccis the length of Bay Street.

The media should do its job and investigate the grievances of the alleged bombers, instead of endless debate over the tactics. What drives someone to bomb a bank? Well, for starters, banks are an integral part of class warfare being waged against 90% of the population. Banks enable the wholesale destruction of the natural world, by profiting from the Tar Sands, for example. Banks undermine democracy by enabling a system of finance that destroys populist candidates and ensures only Bay Street Approved candidates win elections.

Without a proper analysis of power, these stories about the alleged bombers are useless except as corporatist state propaganda. The anarchists are right.

How can this comments section be truly free when it is moderated?

Of course the anarchists are right.
Of course the media targets anarchists without proper proof.
That is the job of media. In their institutional role mainstream media play the part of corporate propagandist. In fact, to an intelligent person who actually knows what goes on in our world, it would be safer to assume that the bank was bombed by "agent-provocateurs" or some else working with an elite interest. The Star and every media outlet are responsible for constantly lying to the public everyday. So how are you going to make amends with yourself?

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