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Details of G20 fence announced

Fences will start going up on June 7 around the inside security perimeter ringing the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto as the first concrete signs of the G20 summit start to fall into place.

The fences will be similar to the chain-link barriers used during the Indy car race in July, said Toronto Police Superintendent Tom Russell at a press conference Friday morning. No razor wire will be used. Police will be able to use tear gas, he said, and while the piercing LRAD sirens will be primarily for communication, he would not rule out other uses.

The security bill for the G20 summit of world leaders on June 26 and 27 and the G8 summit that precedes it in Huntsville adds up to $1.1 billion, including $933 million for policing.

Work on the fence will continue 24 hours a day until it is finished, said Russell, who is in charge of the police G20 task force. People should be able to "move freely" around the area until the evening of Friday, June 25, he said.

The outer security perimeter, where residents and workers with access cards will have expedited access to, runs up Windsor St., east on Wellington, south on Bay, west on Front (omitting Union Station), south on York, west on Bremner Blvd., south on Lower Simcoe, west on Lake Shore Blvd. then runs north and encircles the CN tower, with a break south of train tracks (omitting the Rogers Centre). It then starts up again on Blue Jays Way and Front St., then runs east to Windsor and then north to Wellington.There will be a separate fence wrapping the Westin Harbour Castle on Queen's Quay.

The summit traffic zone, which will not be fenced in, stretches from King St. to Yonge St. to Queen's Quay to Spadina Ave., he said. The 400-series highways, the Gardiner Expressway, the QEW and Lake Shore Blvd. will not be closed during the summit although Hwy. 427 and the Gardiner will be shut down periodically to accommodate motorcades, he said.

"People will notice a significant difference in terms of uniformed officers in the downtown core" during the summit, Russell said. The ferry system to Toronto Islands, the TTC and Union Station will be open and operating, he said. Some streetcar lines will have service limited and the Front St. access to Union Station will be sealed, but the 504 streetcar on King St. will continue to run. Portions of the underground pedestrian way beneath the downtown core will be closed from the evening of the 25th until the morning of the 28th.

The York, Bay and Yonge exits to the Gardiner will be closed on the 25th and 26th, said Russell. The westbound ramp to the Gardiner will be closed on the 27th. On Queen St., Yonge St., Lake Shore Blvd. and Spadina, cars violating parking rules will be tagged or towed, he said. Police will be at the protest site at Queen's Park. Russell said G20 security are working with summit officials to establish a streaming service to pipe demonstrators' voices into summit headquarters will be in place.

For more information, visit the Integrated Security Unit's website here.

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A billion to host a party for an elite group over a 3 day weekend. To put this in perspective: the Vancouver Olympics cost an estimated $1.6 billion with incalculable amount of value built into the lower BC region; or the billion could pay for a quarter of the transit city initiative and redirect a massive amount of wasted time and energy, or employ 2/3rds of those unemployed in Toronto at the average Canadian income for a year. I'm not happy to hear of the costs of such a venue, and I'm looking forward to the auditor general's review.

How about that 2million dollar indoor Lake!! Come on really!! The things that, the 2 million could do for real things and problems. Maybe fund the Army in Afghan so that road side bombs would be a thing of the past. Better armored personnel carriers. Scanning devices to find these bombs. PROTECT OUR TROOPS THE HELL WITH FAKE LAKES. There are plenty of real ones in Canada. It's just a disgusting way to spend our money!

1.1 billion dollars. Why Toronto? The biggest city in Canada will have a fence in the downtown core, seriously Harper? 1.1 billion dollars could be spent on our more important things such as hospital equipment, public housing, highways, roads which will be an investment for the future. But this summit is 2 days. Why can't this summit be held somewhere remote and where there aren't as much people such as Nunavut. Stupid Harper

Has anyone read this?

Rare Persian Necklace – A Lavish G20 Gift?

Although officially the Necklace and Amulet are still available for sale, rumours are spreading that this rarity, which represents the Holy Symbol of Islam, is to become a VIP gift for the Middle Eastern participants at the upcoming G20 Summit in Toronto.


I'm amazed at the arrogance that Harper has. He is so out of touch with the working class people. How can he ever justified spending this kind of money. They could have had this meeting on some deserted Island way up north. The only thing they security for is the mosquitoes.
The sad thing about all this, when the next election comes up, most Canadians will have forgotten about this 1 billion dollar luncheon date with 19 of Harper's good buddies at our expense.

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