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Details of G20 fence announced

Fences will start going up on June 7 around the inside security perimeter ringing the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto as the first concrete signs of the G20 summit start to fall into place.

The fences will be similar to the chain-link barriers used during the Indy car race in July, said Toronto Police Superintendent Tom Russell at a press conference Friday morning. No razor wire will be used. Police will be able to use tear gas, he said, and while the piercing LRAD sirens will be primarily for communication, he would not rule out other uses.

The security bill for the G20 summit of world leaders on June 26 and 27 and the G8 summit that precedes it in Huntsville adds up to $1.1 billion, including $933 million for policing.

Work on the fence will continue 24 hours a day until it is finished, said Russell, who is in charge of the police G20 task force. People should be able to "move freely" around the area until the evening of Friday, June 25, he said.

The outer security perimeter, where residents and workers with access cards will have expedited access to, runs up Windsor St., east on Wellington, south on Bay, west on Front (omitting Union Station), south on York, west on Bremner Blvd., south on Lower Simcoe, west on Lake Shore Blvd. then runs north and encircles the CN tower, with a break south of train tracks (omitting the Rogers Centre). It then starts up again on Blue Jays Way and Front St., then runs east to Windsor and then north to Wellington.There will be a separate fence wrapping the Westin Harbour Castle on Queen's Quay.

The summit traffic zone, which will not be fenced in, stretches from King St. to Yonge St. to Queen's Quay to Spadina Ave., he said. The 400-series highways, the Gardiner Expressway, the QEW and Lake Shore Blvd. will not be closed during the summit although Hwy. 427 and the Gardiner will be shut down periodically to accommodate motorcades, he said.

"People will notice a significant difference in terms of uniformed officers in the downtown core" during the summit, Russell said. The ferry system to Toronto Islands, the TTC and Union Station will be open and operating, he said. Some streetcar lines will have service limited and the Front St. access to Union Station will be sealed, but the 504 streetcar on King St. will continue to run. Portions of the underground pedestrian way beneath the downtown core will be closed from the evening of the 25th until the morning of the 28th.

The York, Bay and Yonge exits to the Gardiner will be closed on the 25th and 26th, said Russell. The westbound ramp to the Gardiner will be closed on the 27th. On Queen St., Yonge St., Lake Shore Blvd. and Spadina, cars violating parking rules will be tagged or towed, he said. Police will be at the protest site at Queen's Park. Russell said G20 security are working with summit officials to establish a streaming service to pipe demonstrators' voices into summit headquarters will be in place.

For more information, visit the Integrated Security Unit's website here.

How do these security perimeters and traffic restrictions affect you? Email us: [email protected] or [email protected]


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Instead of every year (or are these meetings bi-annual?) spending hundreds of millions of tax dollars to lock down massive swaths of a host city-- placing the people who live and work there (who never seem to be asked whether they *want* their cities commandeered) under a mini police-state-- why don't the G20 nations just commission a yacht equipped to conduct their business? Stick a heli-pad on it and they wouldn't even need to make port to pick up delegates.

Think about it. It might look excessive but in the long run it would probably cost less, it would be mobile, easier to secure than ~10 square city blocks, would stop attracting 'anarchist' idiots to fill the nearby streets, and they could put all kinds of distance between them and the protesting rabble they don't listen to anyway. Hell, they could probably find a cheap one already built right about now. Check Bernie Madoff's garage.

So funny.

Torontonians fall all over themselves saying they live in a "world class" city, yet when something world wide comes to town and causes shutdowns (surpise, that's what happens, people), and on the weekend no less, everyone is up in arms crying like a bunch of country bumpkins.

It's nice to see a city that calls itself "New York" every 2 seconds is finally finding out what it's like to live in New York.

Sorry, you can't have your cake with maple syrup.

I assume hookers will be allowed into the secured area.

This is all for your security. Shut up. Be happy. We will tell you when to laugh and cry. We will tell you who to talk to and what to say. We will tell you where, when and what to eat. This is all being done for your own security and freedom. All your decisions will be made for you - isn't that convenient? Isn't that what you want? Now shut up and be happy.


What is being tested here (on one of the more docile NA cities) is the control of an entire working urban population. Why are the ordinary people of Toronto putting up with this invasion without protest to our elected representatives? Why should we pay 1 billion dollars for police & military to extremely limit the free movement of the citizenry within their own city.

This is ridiculous, why hold this event in our City ! It puts us on the spot for every Terrorist group, and the cost and the inconvenience, to the Citizens of Toronto is beyond measure. This is not what we want, who in the HELL can make this decision, without our consent, DAM BIG SHOTS, who don't give a %@!#$%K about us, as long as they can look good, like there doing somthing. Spend all that $$$$ on feeding people, helping the homeless, feed the KIDS who are hungrey, Thats how we want our money spent, Your actions gepordize our life and our City ! WAKE THE F/UP...

Why exactly do these world leaders need to meet in person and cause all this commotion in the first place? I mean, do we not live in the information age? Can they not do conference calls? Can they not use Skype? These personal meetings just cause problems. They are ineffecient and not cost effective. Not to mention it would save the hassle of trying to control protesters. Why do they even announce these meetings anyway? It just makes no sense.

health and safey issue
i work right there
this is not fair to us people that have to walk it in
there has to be a better system then this

Doesn't seem too bad.

I say sit back and enjoy the show!

1.1 BILLION dollars to what discuss how to reduce the world debt? How about you use that 1.1 BILLION dollars to reduce the debt and do the meeting over a teleconference like everybody else!

I agree with most of the comments here. Harper is an idiot and we should demand to see how that billion was spent. Who needs a bunch of people, who never agree on anything and if they do it never happens, to come and disrupt one of our summer weekends? For those of us who live close to the MTCC, who is going to pay for damages that for sure will be caused by demonstrators and police?
This money would have been much better spent on transit, health and education.

two words: conference call

So Ottawa can find money for this for 2 days, but not for the TTC. Unreal. Paul Martin's legacy of putting us back on sound financial footing has been destroyed.

This is truly the biggest sham.. ON US!
Imagine the transit we could have with that money. VOTE HARPER OUT! Where is that coalition when you need them?

The Security Industry must have a lot of friends/investors in the Conservative Party of Canada, and nobody would be surprised if we learn later that they drove truckloads of cash to the Conservatives' door. The Security Industry's great shrine to Osama bin Laden must be getting some extra polish these days!

What about the skywalk? You know, that walkway that connects Union to the CN tower, convention centre and skydome? Imagine the hilarity that'll ensure if they forget to close that off...

Use a conference type video feed from each country. The damn closing communique is already written. Please let this be our Mr. Harper's swan song. Idiots, one and all ....

If the "Sunshine List" is those police who surpass $100,000 income in a year, will the "Bonanza List" be for those who make it to $250,000 with all the overtime?

Big fence coming to Toronto ?
Let's hope the authorities can keep this major dealer in stolen goods away from our city !

will steam whistle tours still happen?

We should call for an audit, for a breakdown of how the billion was spent.

An opening should "accidentally" be left in the gate. Let the whining hippies wander in, then lock it up.

It is like a fence between Israel and Palestine; probably much more expensive. I am in doubt responsible people could not find a cost-effective option.

Hey Harper, did it ever cross that brain of yours to hold this in the CAPITAL of the country!! How much better things would be off if u guys could all sit in the already secure Parliament building and discuss debt - or lets be more efficient why not go for a boat ride along the Rideau Canal and figure stuff out?!

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