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Finally, the G8 brings some fun

Obama, Harper, Merkel, let out a sigh of relief. It’s Berlusconi’s head that Bono and Co. want.

ONE — the organization that works with policy makers and activists to fight against poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa — has launched an online campaign demanding that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi be tossed out of the G8.

In fact, the group has a game on its website (titled Hurl Berl) that actually lets players use a muscular avatar to twirl and throw the 73-year-old politician, a la Olympic discus.

Why? The group says that since Berlusconi promised to increase aid to Africa in 2005, he’s actually cut it.

Play the game here.


Berlusconi fixes his tie after getting tossed 7476 metres by Star reporter Jesse McLean. Well, not really. Photo: Alberto Pizzoli /AFP/Getty Images


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Berlusconi is not a good leader at all, but I don't mind him not sending "aid" to Africa. For too long now, money and decades have been wasted by sending and sending money to Africa, as it's called, but it's been known that it's not helping when the process is blocked and tainted by corruption and thievery over there. You could send so much money to Africa, but if it does get there, that money gets stopped and taken by the corrupt governments there. Nothing ends up being done or improved to help their people in Africa, and nothing to help develop their countries. So the cycle repeats over and over again with no progress being made. Time is wasted. While this goes on, some African people do not help themselves or aim to, and you can see this by how they keep creating wars, destruction, raping, violence, acting barbaric, etc. But this is the minor point, it's not as serious as the corruption and stealing of international aid to Africa by their own government leaders.

And don't just thrown Berlusconi out, throw out all government and politicians!

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