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G20 updates from Councillor Adam Vaughan

Councillor Adam Vaughan has released this memo to residents in his ward:

G20 Summit Security Updates – May 27, 2010


Here are further updates regarding the impacts of the G20 Summit, taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre at 255 Front St W (between Simcoe and John) on Saturday June 26 and Sunday June 27.


Metro Hall: Metro Hall is outside of the Toronto Police security zone where fences will be put up and will be open during the week of Monday June 21 to Friday June 25. As traffic is expected to be heavy, people traveling to Metro Hall are advised to leave extra time to get to and from the building. City staff that park at Metro Hall are advised to use public transit and not drive into the downtown during the week of Monday June 21 to Friday June 25.


In response to what may be heavy traffic in the area, the City is making the following changes to services at Metro Hall:
• The child care centre at Metro Hall will be closed for the week of June 21st. Parents have already been advised of the closure and alternate child care arrangements will be available to them.
• The Toronto Employment and Social Services office / Employment Centre and the Y Café located on the main floor will be closed for the week of June 21st. Clients will be advised of alternate arrangements and signage will direct the public to alternate locations for service.
• The cooling centre that is located at Metro Hall during extreme heat alerts will be relocated if an extreme heat alert is called during the week of June 21st.


Union Station: City staff have been meeting with the Toronto Police Service, TTC, GO Transit and VIA Rail for the past two months to plan for the G20 Summit and the continued operation of Union Station during the week of the Summit. Transportation systems decisions are the responsibility of the transportation operators -- TTC, GO Transit and VIA Rail. Leading up to the week of June 21st, there will be regular updates.


There will be some restrictions to the normal pedestrian flow in to and out of Union Station. These restrictions will be communicated in the near future. Wayfinding signage within the Station is being developed to assist commuters.


Contacts for further information:
G8-G20 Integrated Security Unit
Website: www.g8-g20isu.ca
Phone:  1-888-446-4047
E-mail:  [email protected]

Councillor Adam Vaughan
Website:  www.ward20.ca
Phone:  416-392-4044
E-mail:  [email protected]

Further updates will be posted as information is made public. This information is current as of May 27, 2010, but is subject to change. To receive further updates as we approach the summit, sign up to Councillor Vaughan’s newsletter at www.ward20.ca.
Past security notices are also available on the website.


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