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Motorcades and Hello Kitty: a taste of what's to come?

Designer and TV personality Meredith Heron was working at her office on 354 Davenport Rd. this afternoon when she suddenly heard a cacophony of sirens outside.

Heron peeked outside and saw what appeared to be a massive motorcade driving by, ostensibly a practice run for the G20.

"They were clearly practicing because they had black sedans and motorcycles on either side," Heron says. "It was really crazy and they were going on the wrong side of the road. And I’m thinking, 'Okay we’re doomed. Let’s leave the city!"

Heron said the motorcade lasted about a minute and was headed north towards Dupont St.The spectacle wasn't entirely menacing in nature, however, and Heron says one of the female police officers on motorbike appeared to be wearing a Hello Kitty knapsack.

Hello Kitty = an innovative new tool employed by security officials, perhaps? After all, nothing placates a riotous crowd of protesters like cute cartoon kitties.

Hello kitty color







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When I depart by air from Israel, the female security screening officers all had kitty cat stickers on their identification badges. Just because you work in security does not mean you cannot be cute at the same time.

i was driving on 401 East on Friday June 4 and there were 2 offices holding up the traffic on 401 West. One of them was wearing a Hello Kitty back pack.. so it's true! LMAO
it's fine to "look cute" if u are working in security (i don't know how serious people will take u).. but not so good if u are working security detail on a presidential motorcade!

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