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Native rights group plans road blockades for G20

A group called Red Power United has posted this appeal on their Facebook page "Protest G20 Summit 2010 (Native Resistance)":


To all those involved in G20 Blockades in Ontario and to all those that would like to take place on the front line of the Ontario Blockades message me back. Asap.

We are expecting G20 blockades to take place in areas through Ontario and myself and other (RPU) members will be leading a Blockade that will take place between Hamilton and Toronto area.

These will be Peaceful Blockade Demonstrations only.

*Expect to deal with the OPP at these blockades across Ontario.

According to its website, Red Power United is planning a national day of action on June 24, during which it will coordinate peaceful blockades on the Canadian Pacific Railway and Trans Canada Highway. The group also plans on holding a protest rally and march at Queen's Park.

Red Power United says its demonstrations will show the world "issues that native people are facing across Canada and we’ll also send a message to the Canadian government that we are serious about fighting for our rights."

"The decisions made at the G20 Summit affect all of us, especially native people because what the world leaders decide at the G20 summit will have an effect on Mother Earth and our future generations," reads the group's Facebook page. "There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest."

Red Power United describes itself as a grassroots native rights movement, working to pressure the federal government to honour treaty agreements and provide financial resources, education, housing, health care and poverty relief to First Nations communities.


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You know that our free society is going down the drain when you see "free speech zones". OK you can't say what you want, but only say it where we tell you to.

People need to wake up and realize that Capitalism and a free market isn't the way to a better future. It is the way of the past. We need to come together and focus on solutions for out future. When 5% of the population owns 95% of the wealth something is wrong. When millions of people die of starvation every day, something has to change. the problem is that the few in power resist change because it threatens there power. We must rise peacefully and take back our power.

Educate yourself. Stop watching TV. It is making you passive and distracts you. Wake up!

Thank you Jennifer Yang for writing this article with fact. Too many times do news writers, in the mainstream media, tend to use stereotypical words when talking about Native Canadians.

As a Newbie, I am constantly searching on the internet for articles that can guide me. Thank you

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