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Residents' personal info should be destroyed after summit ends: Chief Blair

With G20 security fencing set to enclose several downtown businesses and at least one condo, police are encouraging affected residents and workers to register for special ID cards that will gain them express access through the guarded checkpoints.

The cost of registration? Your name, as well your home or business address.

But in a bid to make people more inclined to sign up, Police Chief Bill Blair is proposing that all personal information collected to create the ID cards be destroyed no later than two days after the summit finishes.

“The Service does not want to retain the information beyond the period required to create the registration card and during a limited period of potential investigation of G20 matters. The Service also wants to be able to advise affected residents and employees accordingly to encourage their voluntary participation in the registration program,” Blair wrote in the proposal, which goes before the Toronto Police Services Board on Thursday.

Under the municipal privacy act, the information would be kept for at least a year, unless the police board decides otherwise.

(Technically, each resident and worker could also consent to having their information destroyed at an earlier date, but that route “complicates what is intended to be a simple registration process,” Blair wrote.)

Of course, you don’t have to sign up for the ID cards to get into the security perimeter. However, guards will ask for your name, where you’re going and what you’re doing there, the police say the wait will be much longer.

Bill Blair (David Cooper)
Police Chief Bill Blair wants the personal information collected to make residents' G20 ID cards destroyed after the summit finishes. Photo: David Cooper


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