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G20 security: truck drivers division

RCMP are asking truck drivers to be "look-outs" during the G8 and G20 summits and report any suspicious activity they might encounter on the roads over the coming weeks.

According to a press release on the Canadian Trucking Alliance website, the RCMP has met with the trucking community to "discuss the valuable role carriers and drivers can play in assisting security during these events." Security officials are reportedly asking truckers to keep an eye out for anything unusual, including thefts, and report the incidents immediately.

RCMP may also ask truckers to act as look-outs "should a security threat be identified," the press release states.

"If (security officials) have some specific information -- like, if they've got info someone's got a blue tractor trailer loaded with explosives and they’re not sure where it is -- they would let us know and we would let our carriers know," explained CTA vice-president Doug Switzer. And "obviously, if somebody steals a tractor trailer full of material of explosives, for example, well that might be something they wanna know about."

Switzer said the Ontario Trucking Association held a webinar on May 18 to update truckers on what to expect during the two summits, including information on road closures and potential delays.

Switzer said many industries, not just the trucking community, are often asked by law enforcement officials to stay alert when police are on the hunt or searching for missing children.

"Our traffic drivers are all around and it’s all eyes on the road," Switzer said. "It’s not uncommon for police, if there’s something on the road they’re looking for, to ask us to help them."

Should security officials make a call-out for help, they would likely contact the trucking associations which would in turn disseminate information to the various truck companies, Switzer said.

There are currently about half a million commercial trucks operating in Ontario, according to Switzer.



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