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Vaughan to Harper: less haircuts, more compensation for businesses

Councilor Adam Vaughan had some harsh words for Stephen Harper today at the G20 press conference, decrying Ottawa's decision not to reimburse downtown businesses potentially hurt by summit protesters.

"(Stephen Harper) is going to spend more on haircuts ... then we'll get in compensation," Vaughan said Friday morning. "I don't know how you justify that."

"It's unacceptable. To walk away from Canadian taxpayers and spend $1 billion protecting visitors of the city and not the people that gave you that billion dollars is wrong."

Vaughan said the entire Entertainment District will effectively be impacted by summit protesters, as well as some 2,800 residents living "within a stone's throw of the red zone." 

He pledges to continue raising the issue with the federal government and demand answers from Harper.

"I think Stephen Harper has an obligation to Canadian taxpayers. If he can spend a billion dollars protecting his photo op, he can spend money protecting the businesses and the residents in the area he's staging this event," Vaughan said. "And if he doesn't want to stand up for Canadian taxpayers, I don't think he's in the right job."

Oh, snap.


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"less haircuts,"

Newsflash to the headline writer.

In English, we say "fewer haircuts."

Just watched a news clip from this same Toronto politician suggesting that local business outlets cannot afford insurance because the premiums are too high. Given that premiums reflect historic claims, how can these same politicians keep up the "crime rates are dropping" rhetoric?

Some local companies must be making big bucks from the expenditure of $1 Billion.

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