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A peek at the summit

Everyone on the bus to Dufferin and Sheppard!

“We have what is estimated to be 3,500 foreign media coming to Toronto. We’ve entertained a number of them already. It’s clear that most of them have never been to Toronto, most of them have never been to Canada. This is a fabulous opportunity . . . Let’s try to get the media out to see the city. All the neighbourhoods during the World Cup are going to be very vibrant. They’re not going to see what we really are in downtown because it’s empty and barricaded. But the rest of the city is still alive and vibrant, and if we can get people out to see the rest of the city, it will accomplish our goal.”

— Mike Williams, Toronto’s general manager of economic development

Overheard in the summit media centre I

Man 1, standing behind the counter of the free coffee bar beside the fake lake: “What can I get for you?”

Man 2, a member of the local media standing at the bar looking confused: “What do you got?”

Man 1: “Latte, hot chocolate, cappuccino, espresso...”

Man 2: “And this is all part of the...”

Man 1: “Yep.”

Overheard in the summit media centre II

“Party on.” — CBC’s Wendy Mesley, to a group of RCMP officers after posing for a picture with one of them

True summit-related fact

The westbound Gardiner Expressway was virtually empty at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

First they turn downtown into a maze, then ...

G20 protesters are at risk of being used as “guinea pigs” to test the effects of sonic cannons, civil rights groups say. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association and Canadian Labour Congress were in court Wednesday seeking an injunction against use of the long-range acoustic devices during demonstrations this week, saying the high-decibel gadgets, which can damage hearing, are “weapons” for which Ontario government approval is needed.

Toronto police bought four in May, while the OPP bought three this month.

Their planned use “has created an atmosphere of fear and intimidation in which reasonable citizens are questioning whether they should attend the G20 protests,” argued Paul Cavalluzzo, lawyer for the applicants.

OPP lawyer Christopher Diana said there is no evidence the cannons will cause people to avoid the protests. (He may have a point: After all, hearing damage hasn’t put an end to rock concerts.)

Possible intended messages of the summit media centre’s four-dimensional 4D Ontario ride

Ontario: Where you will think you will have fun but quickly get nauseous

Ontario: Where summer lasts much longer than winter

Ontario: Where residents spend large periods of time whitewater rafting and riding horses through forests

A place to stnad, a plcae to grow

According to a photo posted on BlogTO.com, at least one resident of the downtown security zone has received a pass that identifies his province as Ontairo. Perhaps it was typed by someone who had just exited the 4D Ontario ride.

Can they teach us how to be unconscious of this summit?M

Another group of international luminaries gathering in Toronto this week is the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, which begins its 14th annual meeting Thursday. Among the matters to be discussed on Sunday: “Idiosyncratic spatial inhomogeneities in breakthrough to consciousness of suppressed visual stimuli.”

The summ-hit list: G20-appropriate oldies of the day

The Manhattan Transfer, “Spies In the Night.” Sample lyrics: “Shadows looking through an open window/Footsteps following wherever you go/Undercover eyes. . .” The Miracles, “You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me.” Sample lyrics: “Don’t want to stay here/Don’t want to spend another day here/Oh, oh, oh, I want to split now.”

Summit-related tweet of the day

Andrew Bailini: “it wasn’t an earthquake..it was just the effect of the final bill for the G20 & G8 being dropped on the Canadian taxpayers..#porkbarrel”


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Well, what I see is a bunch of conspicuously black-clad protesters causing all kinds of vandalism and absolutely NO presence of police or other types of security personnel. Is this a photo-op to justify the completely over-hyped danger? or to justify the $1 billion tab? Very interesting to me anyway


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