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A peek at the summit

We’re just a regular old non-hamburger-selling hospital, we promise

In a presumed attempt to avoid the vandalizing wrath of protesters who hate both big corporations and world-class medical facilities, the Burger King and Tim Hortons signs at the Hospital for Sick Children’s University Ave. entrance have been covered with green garbage bags.

And then Donald Rumsfeld will speak about good war planning

Former George W. Bush advisor Karl Rove is in town Friday night to speak at the G20 Summit for Faith and Business Leaders, an event organized by Christian conservative Charles McVety. More strangely, Rove will also hold a news conference “commenting on the G20 and the moral question of massive spending and debt.” Rove can comment, but not credibly: even when defence is excluded, Bush spent more in inflation-adjusted dollars than any president since Lyndon Johnson.

Possible intended messages of the summit media centre’s four-dimensional 4D Ontario ride

Ontario: Where you will think you will have fun but quickly get nauseated

Ontario: Where residents spend large quantities of time whitewater rafting and riding horses through forests

When life gives you fences, make a fence blog

Someone has launched a blog and art project called “Fenced Out,” soliciting photos of “whatever you find put up on (or over)” the G20 security fence. After the summit, this someone says at fencedoutblog.tumblr.com, “we will digitally stitch the collected photos together to create a different kind of fence — an online mural made up of the public’s interventions, that will endure well after the steel and concrete barrier is taken down.”

Detention, The Film

Police have set up a temporary holding facility for detained protesters at the former Toronto Film Studios on Eastern Ave. Here are some movie sequels the cops could force the protesters to participate in if they feel like violating some Charter rights:

Men in Black III. Synopsis: Anarchists fight aliens.

Billy Elliot II. Synopsis: An 11-year-old anti-globalization activist discovers a gift for ballet while dodging rubber bullets.

Ocean’s 14. Synopsis. A motley collection of Oxfam employees executes a casino heist and uses the proceeds to expedite the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

Summit-related tweet of the day

Dan Speerin: “The argument of it being an honour to hold the G20 would be a lot more believable if last year it wasn’t in Pittsburgh.”

With files from Robert Benzie and Antonia Zerbisias


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In regard to the hamburger joints at SickKids and the green bags - are you implying that SickKids has overreacted?

I know people that work at SickKids and how quickly people forget that a few years ago during one of OCAPs so called peaceful marches down university ave. a bandanna covered protester threw a brick at this landmark hospital.

People take it for granted that the downtown hospitals are DOWNTOWN where there are significant security issues even when the G20 is not on. The team at SickKids has done a wonderful job preparing for the G20 and maybe you should be asking why an institution that strives to maintain an open door policy feels the need to take extra precautions at this time.

Maybe the problem is with the protesters - maybe they do not care who they hurt in their attempts to obtain a pound of flesh from big corporations.

A quote from a friend "those that said they were released at around 9 PM were detained for 20 hours... meaning they've been there since 1 AM. when there's been a riot the same day, normal people don't stay out on those streets at 1, do they?"

I strongly agree with what he said and felt that the police made the right decision today after what had happen on the 26th. To the protesters: after this incident, you should realize although you have the right to speak, to protest, all these rights are within a grey area and you should know that by being a protester, you should acknowledge that fact that you may be arrested for your actions.

This was a total and absolute was of over $1 billion dollar, To the best of my knowledge, nothing was accomplished beyond making Toronto look like a ugly, police-state city. The Harper Conservatives need to be brought to task for having the stupidity and arrogance to put this expensive wasteful side-show in the middle of Canada's largest city. Money done the drain for no real return -- well -- no real positive return.

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