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Traffic watch flights, kites grounded during summits

As expected, Huntsville’s and Toronto’s airspaces will be heavily restricted during the G8 and G20 summits later this month.

So there will be no kite-flying or rocket launches around the MTCC or Deerhurst Resort when the world’s dignitaries are in town.

Traffic watch and media flights are also banned, so while traffic snarls behind presidential motorcades, 680 News’s Darryl Dahmer won’t be your eyes in the skies.

Regularly scheduled passenger and cargo flights will be allowed to go ahead, as long as they register their flight plans with the RCMP beforehand and stick to their path.

“Flight plans must specify point-to-point operations,” the government order reads. “Random flights will not be authorized.

The report includes a complete list of banned activities:

• parachuting
• parasailing
• paragliding
• hang gliding
• gliding
• rocket launches
• kites
• radio controlled aircraft
• unmanned air vehicles (UAV)
• hot air balloons
• dirigible aircraft
• agricultural/crop-dusting flights
• sight-seeing
• aerial advertising/banner towing
• aerobatic flights
• flight training
• general aviation
• media flights
• traffic watch flights

Aside from pre-arranged commercial and cargo flights, only military, police and emergency aircraft will have access to the airspace. Well, them and “state aircraft on official business, and aircraft carrying VIPs (designated by the RCMP).”

Though it might be an interesting time to ride above the city in a hot air balloon or do a little crop-dusting, you probably don’t want to call the RCMP’s bluff.

“All traffic within the restricted airspace will be monitored by surveillance radar and any unauthorized aerial activity will be subject to intercept by armed military aircraft under the authority of the Government of Canada.”

Huntsville’s airspace will be affected from June 24 to 26, while Toronto’s will be affected from June 26 to 28. The two-day G8 opens at the Deerhurst Resort on June 25. The G20 runs in Toronto from June 26 to 28.

For a complete list of affected airports and heliports, and the specific areas affected see: http://www.navcanada.ca/ContentDefinitionFiles/G8_G20/G8_G20_Supp_EN.pdf


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I guess this is a typical airspace restriction but I wouldn't trust the mounties not to over-react.

"Under the authority of the Government of Canada". The government of Canada is no longer the people of Canada, if it ever was. The government of Canada is a handful of elitist Mega-Corp fatcats and international financiers and ordinary Canadians have been put in their "proper" place. Welcome to the so-called New World Order. Your monthly chocolate ration has been increased by 2.3%.

hmmm - I hope this doesn't affect carrier-pigeon use in the downtown core. In light of the RCMP's plans to jam wireless networks, I was hoping to conduct my communications by carrier pigeon.

some nice looking planes at the airport,ruling out air farce 1

"Welcome to free and fun Toronto, the only guidlines are don't have fun and don't speak your own opinion."

......a billion dollars for security?doesn't it give the other G19 leaders a bit of insecurity when everyone knows
they were more concerned about that one south of the border?....4 police cars,some arrests,which naturally will be dropped,a few smashed mcdonalds windows,.....in short......its a hoax to collect to the coffers,proving to whose benefit,another case of "overshow",trying to overshadow ..FIFA,???.....to get airtime,import thugs vs police ho-hum!...boost the media and other "thugs",....sort of Hollywoodish,and all that security ,.....police cars being burnt,windows smashed,....where were the "hired hands" when this took place.....money ...easy come ,easy went..
said before,hold a G19+1 ,don't tell anyone where its going to be held.......lesson learned.....money saved

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