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Bomb scare at police headquarters

A high security alert encircling Toronto's police headquarters kicked into overdrive Thursday morning when someone spotted what looked like a suspicious package on a tree planter outside the College Street building.

The object, round and blue with red detail and what appeared to be wires, could be a pipe bomb, police said.

It turned out to be a purse. But a dozen officers stopped pedestrians and cars on College St., while two specialist officers picked up the package and walked away with it.

Even before and after the incident, tight security around police headquarters means no one is allowed in or out without an escort and must pass through three checkpoints.


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what about pictures of police committing crimes? where do we send those?! i understand they may have been frustrated by the actions of the black bloc however, they represent a small portion of the protester and the police clearly were not prepared. they then regrouped and decided to take their frustrations out on the peaceful protesters, intimidating, charging and snatching people out of the crowd. also, having eight mounted officers rush a peaceful crowd of protesters resulting in two getting trampled? how is that justified? how do you put a 700lb animal against a human being. i suggest no one submit anything until the police are also held accountable for their actions.

Now that the city has experienced mayham at its' worst, I hope citizens will stop complaining about the money spent on security. The police were outstanding in dealing with individuals who really ought to get a life.

I as a Canadian was embraced by the action of the protesters. Setting police cars on fire, breaking windows afraid to show faces. This is not the Canadian way, if you want to do something vote against these leaders and get new leaders. We voted in these leaders and if you do not like vote for change.

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