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By the numbers: G8-G20 vs. Vancouver Olympics

Vancouver Olympics

17 days

40 kilometres of fencing

900 CCTV cameras

6,000 police brought in from across the country

4,800 contracted private security guards

$833 million (ballpark) cost for security


3 days

3.3 kilometres of fencing in Toronto

77 CCTV cameras (in addition to the 18 already in Toronto)

10,000 police brought in from across country

1,100 contracted private security guards

$900 million — and growing — cost for security


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This is nothing but a disgrace and total shame. The taxpayers of Canada are being taken for a ride , being used and totally abused....where is this money going exactly ???!!!! .....1 billion dollars !!!??? just for these leaders to come here and talk trash and sip champagne !!!!???? ....what decisions will they make that will be worth 1 billion dollars to canadian tax payers or even to the world ???!!!....what toursim benefit will it bring that is worth 1 billion dollars ????!!!.....HOW MUCH MORE WILL I NEED TO WORK TO REPAY THIS 1 BILLION DOLLARS....THE GOVERNMENT COULD HAVE TAKEN OUT TOURISM ADDS IN ALL THE MAJOR COUNTRIES FOR WAY LESS THAN 1 BILLION DOLLARS AND GET A MUCH BETTER RETURN ON THE MONEY IN TERMS OF TOURISM BENEFIT....HARPER NEEDS TO GO NOW !!! AND HE SHOULD BE LOCKED UP !!!!!

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