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Children's Aid societies partner up with G20 security

The G20’s security is working with the city’s four Children’s Aid societies — including the associated Jewish, Native and Catholic agencies — to care for any kids who may be separated from their parents during the summit.

The partnership will make sure a Children’s Aid worker is available to police 24-hours-a-day in the case they are needed, said Meaghan Gray of the Integrated Security Unit.

“I don’t think we’re expecting lots of missing children but we’re planning for any eventuality,” she said.

“In the unfortunate situation where we have to make an arrest of a parent or caregiver where the child’s there, we have to make sure the interests of the child are looked after.”

Some of the planned demonstrations may also draw families, she said, and children could get separated in the large crowds.

This is the first time police have coordinated a partnership with the city’s four Children’s Aid agencies at the same time, Gray said.


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Thought you might be interested in this story. DID you know that this company that is doing security from BC is bringing 800 security guards from there? There is a BILL 159- I don't know if they are PSIS certified in Ontario according to Bill 159- 40 hours training-Testing at designated places. and it takes at least 5 days for training and 5 days depends were they are taking there test on a waiting list I have contacted a few places and that’s an approx- waiting time. These security guards are supposed to be going up to Huntsville for the G-8. Why aren't they using Security Guards from Ontario and Flying in 800 from BC????

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