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City service and program disruptions during the G20

As we mentioned in an earlier post, City Hall has launched a new website for G20 info where they've listed several city programs and services that will be disrupted due to the upcoming summit.

In addition to removing some 1,000 pieces of street furniture from the downtown core, the city will also be shutting down some services. We spoke with city spokesperson Kevin Sack to get a bit more information.

Cooling Centre: The cooling centre in the rotunda at Metro Hall on 55 John St. is the city's only 24-hour cooling centre where Torontonians can seek solace during extreme heat alerts.

But during the G20 week, this cooling centre will be relocated if an extreme heat alert is called on or after June 21. Sack said an alternate location will be found nearby and communicated "broadly" through a news release. Signs will also be provided to redirect people to the temporary cooling centre.

For information on other cooling centres around the city, click here.

Ferry Services: The Toronto Island Ferry passenger service will be operating on a normal schedule. The Ongiara ferry (which can transport vehicles) that typically services island residents will be taken out of service from June 24-28, however; island residents will be asked to use the public passenger ferries, which will stopover at Ward's Island.

Toronto Employment and Social Services: The Toronto Employment and Social Services office at Metro Hall will be closed for the week of June 21. Sack said no appointments will have to be rescheduled due to the summit but anyone with an urgent request or requires an appointment will be redirected to one of the other 13 offices in the city.

Street Furniture: Approximately 1,000 pieces of "street furniture" will be removed from the downtown core starting this week. As Sack points out however, this is just a small percentage of the total number of street furniture in Toronto -- more than 25,000.


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