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LCBO to close 7 locations during G20

Better start stocking up now. The LCBO will close seven downtown stores during the G20 summit.

“This action is being taken to minimize risks to customers and staff and reduce traffic congestion in the downtown core,” the LCBO says in a notice on its website.

The stores that will closed Friday through Sunday include:

* Queens Quay, 2 Cooper Street

* First Canadian Place

* Union Station

* St. Lawrence Market, 87 Front Street West

* Loblaws Plaza, 10 Lower Jarvis Street at Queens Quay

* 415 King Street West at Spadina Avenue

* 337 Spadina Avenue, north of Dundas at Baldwin Street

“It’s probably good advice to look at Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and get in early and get ahead of it. It will probably be busy on the Thursday at those locations that are going to close,” said Chris Layton, spokesperson for the provincial liquor retailer.

“We have 70 stores in the city of Toronto alone. If people need to do some shopping at the LCBO during the weekend, there will be a lot of other options for them.”

Employees of the seven shuttered stores will be redeployed to nearby LCBO locations, which will likely see a spike in business, Layton said.

For those Queen’s Quay residents thinking they can dodge the temporary prohibition by going to Vineyards Estate Wines across from the Harbourfront Centre, you’d better buy your vino as you head home from work Friday.

The store is will be closed Saturday and Sunday for safety reasons, said employee Daniel Chan.

“The last thing you want to do is have customers in the store if something happens. It’s purely it for safety reasons,” he said.

LCBO - Walton
Shoppers stock up on their liquor supply in June 2009, the eve before a possible strike by the LCBO staff. That cart looks like a weekend supply to me. Photo: Tara Walton


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Doesn't anyone proog read any more King St E and Spadina Ave do not meet. That should read 415 King St W at Spadina.

Ridiculous. Most of these are blocks away from the security zone.

Neil Clarke's comment here has provided me with the Irony of the Day.

@Steve - most of them are either in, underneath, or on the edge of the security zone.

Proofread or proof-read, not "proog read". You really shouldn't complain if you aren't going to do it yourself, you only wrote two sentences after all.


Just one more reason to add to the thousands of other reasons to abolish the LCBO. What a nanny state we live in.

I didn't know dogs were allowed in the LCBO.... I guess I can start bringing mine in!

I thought the security zone was only supposed to extend to Yonge Street in the east? The St. Lawrence Market LCBO is at Jarvis Street and serves the local community as well as all the shoppers and tourists that flock to the neighbourhood. What a stupid decision!

Listerine, anyone?

*LOL* "proog read" wicked!!!!

All protesters were cover their face, why they don,t want public see their face? because they want the violent, they want destroy our city,if you are the Canadian, , don't matter how many car they were burn or they will you have to pay more tax...we are Canadian, we have to protect our city. never allowed those protest destroy our city.. we support police what they did, all the protest should go to China, Tibet or North Korean where most peoples need them , they need food they need the true freedom..

when i herd the g20 was coming to candada i was like "wow, thats nuts". canada is a peaceful nation and the g20 is a great way for canada to get involved with the world.

why did we spend so much money on security, i dunno... like we probably could have payed half a billion and would still get the same amount of security. and no the police have no rights to hold people in little make shift prisons in the rain.

im all for the civil right march. and i chear you on!

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