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Mounted police take in the game

A Star reader captured this scene outside the Air Canada Centre. He writes: "Here is a beautiful picture demonstrating the effectiveness of our $1 billion G20 summit security personnel hard at work. I know I feel safe. Tax dollars well spent."



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I think based on this still, and the judging is being done on the basis if what is happening in this frame, arguably only three of these officers are looking at the screen.

Clearly this is taken out of context. In my opinion.

Geez, some really sore people out here. Give them a break. Do you want to be on the front line apprehending some guy with a chain saw? No? Then back off the people who do. I live downtown and none of them has bothered me or been disrespectful.

How many people have skipped work to watch the world cup, no one knows how long they were there or why, police are just human give them a break

No 'backing off' when minor abuse (even 5 minutes) of the system paid for by taxpayers in Canada can be prevented by adequate supervision and process control of functions. Otherwise, 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there in the plaza eating donuts as the old joke goes, 20 minutes writing a report that should only take 10 minutes etc etc etc.....It all adds up x the total number of civil servants/not just policemen in Canada to MEGA-MILLIONS of DOLLARS OF WASTE that everyone has to pay for.....even your grandkids still to be born will be paying for today 24-06-2010! Is everyone so dumb that doesn't anyone get it? It's not the actual event....it's the event multiplied a few million-fold across our Country DAILY that is the problem!

I saw three police asleep in a vehicle on Church St yesterday. hard at work my [email protected]@. As for those saying cut them a break. You never saythat about public empires on any level of government. Why are you excluding police? I do believe your partisanship is sticking out.

Also why was I given hard looks by 12 police and questioned by two others just for walking home alone no where near the G20? I do believe they are grossly overstepping their bounds.

Let me put this photo into perspective because I've been there and done that - G7 June 1988.

The mounted officers are Toronto Police officers not RCMP. The officers are there because they were most likely ordered to be there. One officer on horseback is the equivalent to 10 officers on foot in a public order situation. Do the math. If they are needed elsewhere they can go as 2 sections and be there in minutes (OK, it takes 4 horses to make a section but you get the idea). Traffic jam? Take to the sidewalks. These horses will go up and down plaza stairs, ramps and step over barriers. The horses work better together and under less stress than as individual mounts (it's called the herd instinct) Try doing that with 70 officers? As for the football game on the big screen. It's probably the last time any of those horses will see such beautiful pasture.

They are probably on a break...just like we all need one during our workday.

yes all of YOUR $1 billion dollars go to 7 police men on a horse!

People, let's put things in perspective. These police officers are merely following orders to be there. There's obviously quite nothing to do, and there's an obvious over-staffing that's what's happening. Police from all over the country including Calgary are here patrolling downtown Toronto.

These frontline workers are ordered here, they have no choice. And if nothing happens, there's nothing for them to do. I'd say give them some slack for watching WC.

HOWEVER, Stephen Harper and his cronies who came up with the stupid idea of spending $1 billion should be put to blame and public humiliation, when 2009 G20 in London, a city *much* more prone to violent protests and terrorism only spent $30 million on security.

Bottom line, it's not the police officers' fault. It's Harper and his cronies.

Damn lazy horses.

i'm not a big fan of this whole police thing (you know, cops on every corner, behind every tree, security down your throat etc.) but hey, they are human and the world cup is important especially if you're a fan. suck it up! they're just checkin it out! first thing i thought of when seeing this picture is "who's winning?"...

If they were any other workers they would be ridiculed by most everyone but since they are cops, somehow they are above it all.
Cops are humans...that means many are great people, hard working and also lazy too (and many are corrupt, just like others in the population)...
They shouldnt be watching a game like this in public...looks really bad.

The security services and police are earning their salaries ...which is more than I can say for the countless others who aimlessly walk the pavement and blame governmenst for all their woe's in their own lives . YES, it is the government's fault ...????




I absolutely love it when the people who consistently put down the boys and girls in blue have no idea what it is like to work a day in their shoes. You complain of your own middle class income, blue collar jobs and compare them to an officer's pay well.....go to school again and quit whining about it. Everyone has it hard. They stopped to watch a bit of the game and have spent weeks at a time away from their families to prepare for what was clearly a gong show. Officers go through an enormous amount of training for situations like this and I personally believe that they did a fantastic job clearing out the hippies who caused a great deal of embarassment to Toronto this past weekend. My favorite part about the comments on how police officers are lazy and where your damn tax dollars is going is how you sit on your pedestal and criticize probably due to no positive experience with police officers. If you stopped blaming them for traffic jams and coming into your house to arrest you for your drug operations, pulling you over for speeding and actually got into an accident where they were the first to respond, had family member die in their arms or an innocent citizen rescued or even recognized them keeping the streets safe for your children to play you would probably give them some well deserved thanks.

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