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Mounted police take in the game

A Star reader captured this scene outside the Air Canada Centre. He writes: "Here is a beautiful picture demonstrating the effectiveness of our $1 billion G20 summit security personnel hard at work. I know I feel safe. Tax dollars well spent."



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These guys are referred to as Toronto's finest? What a joke.

And you are forgetting... the $1+ billion for security is so high because many are getting OVERTIME PAY 'cos they are here on top of their regular assignment.

Apparently this photog believes that police officers are automatons who need no breaks, meals, or downtime. The fact that many of these officers will be spending 9 or 10 days working without a day off, something very few people in labour-loving Ontario would consent to do, is lost on him as well. Good idea attaching your name to the pic, too. I'm sure the Toronto Police won't be hunting for you or anything....

Yes, they should have motorcycles instead.

As opposed to billion dollar duck gun registration :)

Are they on a scheduled break? The policemen, not the horses! Or is entertainment for civil servants now on the taxpayer's Loonie?

Well Matthew Littzen, you capture a moment in time. Did you stay the entire duration of the game to ensure that the RCMP were also there the entire game? And was this done while you were supposed to be working?
I agree with you Matthew, RCMP should be devoid of personal interests and focus strictly on the job. Why, they should have been questioning why you were taking photos of security personnel. That would have been tax dollars well spent.

I'm meeting a friend coming in by Via before noon on Monday. Will I have easy access to Union Station by TTC from Queens Quay West?

12:02 Sgt. Tim Burrows: You will have access, but not easy. You may be challenged by officers, but as long as you have your answers ready and cooperate you will be fine.



Nice shot, artistically. But the attitude behind it rather sucks. I can’t believe the negative comments. Wonder how many of you would’ve looked at the big screen too? My god, some people are so friggin picky. Bottom line, people first, their occupation second (in this case, cops). Lighten up folks.

an officer friend of mine has said that he is working 10 days straight, 12 hour shifts. He won't be home to see is family in that time...a few minutes to watch a game is not a big deal! Wouldn't you?! They are not robots. Stop being so petty when you have no idea if they are on break or not.

If anyone actually bothered to do their research and talk to them they would find out they are working for 14 hours straight at regular pay, banking any overtime hours. They do get considerable breaktimes however they NEED it after the situations they have to deal with. Until someone shows a video of over an hour and a half long of them completely goofing off, any picture found is useless. They are people too and are entitled to breaks like the rest of us. If you want them to be working all the time, go and create some work for them. No break can be scheduled as crime can arise at any point in time. Or are most people that dead on getting the most "bang for their tax dollars" that they feel the need to violate labour laws. Shouldn't they be innocent until proven guilty?

You know what man? Give them a break. It's the World Cup! I don't blame them a bit, and had I been there, I would have enjoyed it with them.

Oh leave them alone. They were probably standing there for a total of 5 minutes. Come on, you gotta admit this is a cute picture.

These police officers will be risking their lives to maintain the peace this weekend. They deserve a moment to relax.

you people suck, let me come to your job and make snap judgments... then you cry and wine to the police when someone steals your honda civic.

Actually, my husband took this picture... crazy how photo's spread.

Are they not entitled to a break?
Whatever the case, this photo is fantastic! I love it!

There is nothing wrong with taking a 5 minute brake when there is nothing to do... I work downtown and it's much quiter than anticipated.... They are humans, not machines....

Why are these people making comments not at work? Is today not a work day for you? Plus Italy lost so we should all be celebrating.

Go ahead...trade places with them and then share your feedback.

To all those saying how hard the Police work.....many citizens getting paid less than 25% of their income levels work 14 hour days 7 days a week for years on end. No overtime...no bonus...no holidays....no appreciation....just being exploited by either the employer or the System. i.e. small convenience shop owners trying to pay their monthly lease and operating costs, junior-middle managers in mid-large companies or accounting/legal firms being expected without recompense to do more with less. I don't feel sorry for the Policemen in the slightest...I do respect what they do, when it needs to be done it is one tough profession,but.....the G20 is not one of the times it is needed...artificially created and fanned hysteria/paranoia by spin-masters.....the 1st Nations just demonstrated and did the right thing by advising against bandanas etc and no damage/violence etc. Hope all other protestors do the same and conduct themselves properly...but civil servants have for far too long taken advantage of taxpayer dollars by sloughing off on the job. If this was a scheduled break I have no problem with it at all...if not, then where are their supervisors and why could they not be doing something more productive at ~$60/hr per man + amortization/expenses for the Horse + benefit costs? Even $1.00 wasted by an employee is $1.00 more that future generations have to pay back plus interest on our national deficit. It all starts with a sole, lonely simple penny...grows to dimes...quarters....dollars...then BILLIONS of dollars wasted. Think about it before just mindlessly disagreeing!

cute picture! clearly they havent been there that long - the horses haven't left any presents behind yet!

Let's find a legal reason for this: - Security Watch to ensure the Screen is not Vandalized.

@ Dan and also Adi - nice sense of humor. Wish I'd thought of that.

Can you believe we live in a city with such lazy horses?

The blame should not be on the officers - after all, its the World Cup!, but it should be on those civilian so-called "leaders" who made the decision to spend 1 billion on security. Maybe if we only spent 500 million (only 16 times what was spent by London, UK for security when G20 was there), there would only be 4 officers watching TV in this picture instead of 7?

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