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Planting a bit of G20 goodwill


What will Toronto look like once the G20 has come and gone? Will there be trails of broken glass glittering on the sidewalks? Garbage strewn in the streets? Will the sweet scent of tear gas hang in the air? 

Well, we hope not. But at least one thing's for sure -- Toronto will actually look a bit greener and leafier thanks to the G20.

According to a press release, the federal government is planting 1,200 saplings in downtown Toronto as a part of the summit's "lasting environmental legacy." The trees are being planted on behalf of the G20 delegates.

Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas) Peter Kent recently helped with planting efforts in Colonel Sam Smith Park and says the trees "will serve as magnificent reminders of the June days when Toronto played host to the world.”  

Gee, thanks Ottawa! Considering the $1 billion being spent on security, one would hope that we'd at least get a few tree saplings...


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It seems to me that we have a lot of priorities such as schools in Toronto that need building renovation and additions. Is not Education a priority in Canada? What about housing? How many houses can be built with that amount of money. Shame on politicians.

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