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RCMP pinup boys on the water

A group of RCMP officers congregated around five sleek black boats docked at Queens Quay and Yonge St. Tuesday morning.

Filled with scuba gear and other Miami Vice-esque accessories, the group was tight-lipped about its mission for the upcoming G20, directing all queries to media relations.

Rcmp2 “Apparently we don’t know how to talk,” said one jocular officer, who wouldn’t give his name. “Security is a big concern,” said another. One thing was for sure. They were buff, gorgeous and decked out in uniform. Automatic rifles were slung over shoulders. And handguns strapped to their hips.

While the visit left many questions lingering about the role of this seemingly special-ops unit in the lead-up to the G20, it raised another query as well: Why hasn’t the RCMP come out with its own calendar? A simple, “Can we help you with something, Miss?” got this young reporter tripping over her words. It certainly brought a little sunshine to an otherwise dreary day.


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Really? Our city is being swarmed by cops and RCMP officers toting automatic rifles, resembling a third-world country, and all you blog about are their looks? Do you work for the newspaper or tmz? Give me a break.

EXCELLENT! Now if terrorist sharks with lasers on their heads we will be ready for them!!

Hey, we could use a little humour right now. Relax.

I agree with Brutal. Toronto has been turned into a virtual police state, and all that can be said is that the men with guns are cute. Honestly, you can do better than that.

^here here

Yes how dare you make a joke about their looks....she should be fired for having a little humor...lighten up and get a life.... and the city is being " swarmed " by cops for a good reason...everyone complains about the police until they need them...

lighten up. i found her blog funny.

An MP5A3 is not an automatic rifle. Heckler and Koch MP5A3 is a submachine gun that fires a 9mm round.

Just saying...

You know, my first thought (on seeing them) would have been, "wow! ooo, buff! Yummy!". This article most certainly brightened my day! I'm glad my view is actually being represented in the media. Sure it's a fluff piece, but how many times have we seen women reduced to "oo, pretty!" or "what a hag!" in what are meant to be serious articles? It's nice to see the tables turned!!

Also, I would hardly call five boats, and what appears in the pictures to be less than five officers is a SWARM.

The blog feminism forgot...

Saw a bunch of cops from out of town that were walking all turning their heads and checking a chicka in a nice convertible. Pretty funny stuff.

what no nuclear subs?

Thanks! Frankly, with all the cops all over the city it's nice to put a fluffy spin on in! Big on the cute cops!! :)

Some ladies like a man in a uniform ;)

They aren't going away, might as well get something for your 1 billion.

This is reporting? Nothing on their role, their costs, their training or their equipment.

The media coverage, when its not over the top ("city under lockdown'? really?), its empty fluff.

I guess the militarization of Toronto is excusable, if the agents of the police state are polite to young (and presumable white) women and are sufficiently 'hawt'.
Do you not understand how serious this situation is? And how dangerous for the citizens and residents of Canada, many of whom still cherish the democratic rights and freedoms which are under assault by these G20 'security' activities? This isn't an action movie; protesters who may be beaten and injured won't be getting up and strolling back unharmed to their trailers when the director yells 'Cut!'

I don't think anyone who says "police state" has any idea what they are talking about. As for "third world", sorry this scene looks like important areas of many European centres. Security has never been free.

The crying over a couple of days of increased police activity is extraordinarily sad. I thought I lived in a fairly metropolitan, worldly city, but increasingly I am coming to realize this is the sticks, full of people and their aggrandized inconveniences.

I guess nobody else noticed they were there on Monday morning too! I took a picture of them on my way to work. Quite the security force all around.

What a Cop OUT refferring to Media Relations!..All cops do it and it's WRONG!!!!!

And with all the predominantly flakey, unemployed, university drop-outs shrieking about garden-variety injustice in the world while infesting the streets and destroying property in their wake -- who is complaining?

Whats next, Men in long black leather coats knocking on the door at 3AM. all this energy, money and effort could have been eliminated by holding the summit at Battle Harbour Island off the coast of Labrador, just as Canadian if not more than Hog town

this is bs; wish that battered women were protected like this...what a sham waste of taxpayers money when there are so many serious issues that need immediate attn; sure we'd all like to have a little party; but to make someone else pay for it?that's low...

"Do you not understand how serious this situation is? And how dangerous for the citizens and residents of Canada, ..."

Scott Thompson, I think I threw up a little in my mouth when I read that. Dial the drama back a notch or two, please.

This is a significant event attended by leaders from around the world. While I agree the costs need to be explained I would hate to be responsible for everyone's security and safety. This isn't your everyday street festival or parade. As for the article I don't see anything wrong with a little levity. As for protesters - peaceful protests with a purpose are fine. Violence and anarchy aren't.

Would those comments be appropriate if they were made about a women by a man?

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