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RCMP pinup boys on the water

A group of RCMP officers congregated around five sleek black boats docked at Queens Quay and Yonge St. Tuesday morning.

Filled with scuba gear and other Miami Vice-esque accessories, the group was tight-lipped about its mission for the upcoming G20, directing all queries to media relations.

Rcmp2 “Apparently we don’t know how to talk,” said one jocular officer, who wouldn’t give his name. “Security is a big concern,” said another. One thing was for sure. They were buff, gorgeous and decked out in uniform. Automatic rifles were slung over shoulders. And handguns strapped to their hips.

While the visit left many questions lingering about the role of this seemingly special-ops unit in the lead-up to the G20, it raised another query as well: Why hasn’t the RCMP come out with its own calendar? A simple, “Can we help you with something, Miss?” got this young reporter tripping over her words. It certainly brought a little sunshine to an otherwise dreary day.


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To Scott Thompson: Why do you presume that the women are white? And we wouldn't NEED all the security if these 'protesters' (AKA freeloaders with nothing better to do) would simply obey the law. I do agree that some of these hooligans may find themselves at the wrong end of a police baton....hopefully they'll benefit from the experience and next time will stay home, or better yet, go to work like the rest of us!

In light of the findings of the Braidwood report (let alone the Major report), I find this type of humour pretty weird. Like, is anyone else a bit worried about what the RCMP might do to peaceful protesters? Maybe I'm being overly sensitive.

I agree with MSwitzer. Although some of the costs should be questioned, there is a price for international diplomacy. Maybe we should start talking about some of the good that has come out of recent Summits and not the "problems" this one is causing. The protestors are here and should be welcomed to voice their concerns. As long as they are not violent and are respectful to property it is their right to protest. We should be thankful that they are able to do so in our country unlike many others around the world. The article lends a human aspect to the ISU which is being seen as an animal and not a group of men and women doing their job to protect the safety of Canadian citizens, protestors and international leaders alike.

Cue entry #3 in the blogs I've seen so far with female reporters covering up for a complete lack of anything to say on this event by remarking how "hot" certain cops are.

Let's see how you feel in a day or two once they decide anything still moving on the streets is fair game, ladies.

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