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Summit's security covers tow costs for about 20 vehicles

Some Toronto drivers owe a big thank you to the G20’s security squad.

The Integrated Security Unit is covering the tab for the impounding of about 20 vehicles at the Front St. taxi stand Tuesday. The cab rank had been moved as the city prepares for the summit, displacing a popular parking spot.

“This is pretty much going to be a one time gesture just because of the confusion,” said Sgt. Tim Burrows of Toronto police’s traffic services. “I don't think you're going to see the ISU picking up tabs for other people's mistakes again.”

A ballpark cost? About $75 to $100 per vehicle, Burrows said.

On paper, police are classifying the impoundments as relocations, which is done when vehicles need to be moved because of an emergency response, he said.

But as the security increases around the downtown core, parking on certain streets may become restricted.

And it’s up to drivers to take notice, Burrows said.

“Just because you've always done something, doesn't mean you can do it tomorrow. We have to remind people to remain vigilant.”


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