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Surprise: More fences!

Russell - stones 1

Contractors set up security fencing around stones near Lake Shore Blvd. Photos: Steve Russell

It beats super-gluing every stone to the ground. Summit security are having fences erected around Lake Shore Blvd. to enclose the piles of landscaping stones so the rocks can't be picked up during protests and used as projectiles -- you know, like a sapling can be.

Russell - stones 2 


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this whole G thing is getting way out of hand. The waste is beyond ridulious

fences, expensive security, US travel alerts, what was the point of all this...do we really expect people from all over the world to come and experience this? Some of them have lived in or behind fences all their lives...

those Raging Grannies have got to be contained.

The entire G20 plan is ill-conceived and the person who came up with hosting it in downtown Toronto should be fired, immediately. I believe one should never criticize without offering alternate solutions, so here is one: have the meeting at a military base, Petawawa or Borden away from the homeless people, tall buildings, dark alleys and other areas that pose security risks. Then take all the old boys on a prop plane tour around Muskoka to see REAL lakes and natural beauty if you want to 'promote' Canadian tourism; I guarantee it will be cheaper than building a fake lake with MY TAX DOLLARS. DEAR GOVERNMENT HOW DARE YOU SPEND MY HARD EARNED MONEY ON SOMETHING SO ASININE, WITHOUT ANY VOTE OR INPUT FROM THE PEOPLE, is this a democracy or what? Whoever thought putting a conference of this nature in the heart of a busy, metropolitan city - no matter what country or province - should be strung up in the town square. We hear how much of an impact one lousy car accident on the 401 that blocks traffic for an hour has on the economy but somehow somebody decided it was OK to willingly plan to economically cripple the city for almost 2 weeks??? Business are re-locating to sites outside of the police 'zone' and they have spent umpteen dollars on contingency plans and business continuity measures. Thousands of people have to make alternate arrangements for transportation, work extra hours and be totally inconvenienced and for what? FOR WHAT? Is there a national emergency? Is there a natural disaster. No, just a business meeting that is not mandatory or have to specifically be held in Toronto's downtown core for any reason at all. I live in MARKHAM and this nonsense even effects ME since my husband works in Toronto but now has to commute somehow to Mississauga every day for the next week. I strongly urge all the businesses owners in downtown Toronto to sue the municipal, provincial and Federal governments for lost income, wages and any damages caused by this summit. We must speak out against this kind of bad management by our government. Polite Canadians, don't sit back and just take this, make your voices heard, write to your MP and the papers!

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