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Terrorists unlikely to target G8 and G20 summits: CSIS

There has been "surprisingly little" indication of terrorist activity during the G8 and G20 summits,  the head spy at CSIS told the CBC Monday night.

Richard Fadden, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, told The National's Peter Mansbridge that CSIS agents have been gathering intelligence for the past 12 to 18 months and there has been "surprisingly little on the terrorism front."

"We don't think there is anyone who is really interested in doing any harm from that perspective," Fadden told the CBC. He adds that Al Qaeda, for example, prefers not to have its "timing planned for it" and tends to strike when least expected.

But "anarchist groups" and "multi-issue extremists" are a different story, he warned. Fadden predicts "a substantial amount of people" will take advantage of the summits to get the world's attention.

"Nothing attracts the world media like the G8 and G20, so anyone who is interested in getting their issues in front of the public, I think, are interested in being in Toronto," Fadden said. 

He adds that his top concern is the "lone wolf" who has been planning something for the past year or two and comes in "unexpectedly."

"I think most people want to go and get their issues on the front page," he said. "But I think there's a small number who believe that the only way that they can do this effectively is by causing a bit of a ruckus."


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I live and work within the security zone and truly hope that I witness peaceful protesting, not just because I don't want to see anyone harmed but because I would like the Canadian government to see that all the money that was spent on security was in vain. We are peaceful people. Canada is a wonderfully intelligent country. Let's speak our minds, demonstrate our views through acts of kindness, do some tai chi, chant, pray etc. Let's not forget that we cannot fight war, fight drugs, fight poverty... it's the Law of Attraction, fighting begets fighting.

Let's show uncompromising compassion!

Careful taking pictures! I went down to the downtown on my bike to have a look at 'the fence' and was questioned for ages about why I was taking pictures, my opinions, my workplace etc etc,,,

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