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The oh so photographic fence

If you've ventured near the Rogers Centre today, you've probably noticed the thick concrete blocks, steel poles and wire mesh fencing that were erected overnight.

 The nearly three-metre high fence stretches along Rees from Lake Shore Blvd. to Bremner Blvd. with another barricade stretching about 20 metres along Lake Shore south of the Steam Whistle Brewery.

 Check out some Star photos of the fences below. Also, feel free to submit your own G20 barrier photos or concerns to [email protected].

All photos by Andrew Wallace.

G20 fence 1
G20 fence 2
G20 fence 3


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Welcome to Berlin.

This is absurd. I still can't believe the Summit is held in Toronto. How could we justify spending over a billion dollars. There is very little benefit in it for Toronto. We should really examine the true cost to the city in terms of increase traffic, delayed projects etc.

This monstrosity was also added after 11pm at night because they aren't making life inconvenient enough, they decided to disturb the neighbourhood when most people are trying to go to sleep.

Well... this just shows how our sociopathic corporatist global leaders consider the world as nothing more than their playground, that they can mess up with anyway they want. No respect for society, just as with the environment...

And how about doing the same with THEIR world?

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