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Toronto police have no information on supposedly stolen uniforms

Guest blogger Star reporter Katie Daubs:

Toronto police say they have no information about uniforms being stolen from local drycleaners.

680 News, quoting inside sources, reported on Tuesday afternoon that more than a dozen uniforms were stolen from drycleaners across the city in the last few days.

“I don’t have any information about an occurrence,” said Meaghan Gray, spokesperson for the summit’s Integrated Security Unit. “Generally speaking that’s something we’re concerned about always, not just during G20 planning.”

Gray said missing uniforms would be a concern during the summit and police have been working with corporate partners to make sure they’re especially aware in the lead-up.

Betty Skoutakis, the owner of Cadet Drycleaners, which advertises itself as the “cleaner of choice” for the Toronto Police, said claims of missing uniforms are false.

“Nothing has been stolen,” she said. “That is a total lie. I would know if we’re missing a belt.”

Skoutakis says Cadet is the only cleaner of Toronto Police uniforms and all the work is done at a centralized location, which she would not reveal for security reasons.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Toronto Police spokesperson Wendy Drummond tweeted: “Info on stolen uniforms was not confirmed by police. Comment was made that police would be concerned at any time IF uniforms were stolen.”


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this should worry a LOT of people... think of it...
They should hurry up and make special hats that will be distributed to only REAL cops and make a press releases the night before ...

the press release would announce that some of the special hats for REAL cops have been stolen from the factory that makes them.
the factory should make special badges for employees authorized to make the hats...unless they get stolen too.

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