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Young saplings a security threat, police say

Young saplings that line downtown sidewalks are the latest casualty of the G20.

As was done with trash cans, newspaper boxes and bus shelters, police are now removing the young trees partially out of concern that they might be ripped out and used as arsenal by violent protesters.

‘They’re being removed for a couple of reasons: They’re young and require metal stakes to support them – obviously a security issue. Number two, they can be easily damaged or destroyed, and ultimately used as objects to either injure or cause damage,” said Const. Wendy Drummond, spokesperson for the summit’s Integrated Security Unit.

The trees will be replaced after the summit, she said.

Among the saplings to be uprooted are the ones within the security perimeter — assumingly out of range from anyone looking to use Mother Nature to cause a ruckus.

But it’s not all about keeping the trees from becoming projectiles, she said.

“Trees in full bloom have obscure views and observation is key in a lot of our policing.”


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Buildings also obscure views - are you going to tear them down too?

i don't get it. every single day there is another announcement in regards to the G20 happenings, and they just get more and more ridiculous. i bet there are people who couldn't have cared less about the G20 happening in Toronto 2 months ago, who are now considering protesting it themselves just out of disgust.

unreal this security paranoia is getting out of hand....Harpers ego trip is turning into his gun registry....i will remember this come election time and i hope others do as well..

While I think this is ridiculous are they at least replanting the young trees elsewhere in the city?


why not start demolishing buildings now too? They obstruct views! Anything in the name of security, that's what I say!

To the well mannered, calm, articulate and oh so peaceful Cost. Wendy Drummond: Why not just use napalm like in Vietnam. I mean, it's war; Isn't it?

Harper and his minions must be chuckling at the enormous inconvenience his sorry-excuse-for-a-photo-op is causing Toronto. And those gung-ho security people probably sit in some room every day with their Tim's dreaming up new ways to add to the Harper paranoia. Disgusting how Canada is now mimicking the U.S. post-9/11 security hype.

get the dammed summit OUT OF MY CITY.

The police have truly gone round the bend. Maybe they should remove the pavement too because someone might break it down and use it as a weapon.
These people are nuts and should be thrown out of the police department.

People coming in from the water may be a threat... in this era of paranoia, let's drain the lake... oh forget it, let's cement it over and build a fence. What about the elusive meteorite that might come down during the summit? Let's build a meteor shield over the downtown! What about that dangerous airport? How about we level Mississauga and build a gigantic runway so our cherished politicians can have an ultra smooth landing. What about firemen at the airport? Do we have enough? Why don't we enlist the current residents and send them all on training. What about...

In the meantime there are reserves in Northern Ontario that don't have clean drinking water or working sanitation, homeless people in Toronto and across Ontario that sleep on the street, and kids that go to bed hungry ever damn night because it's either pay the bills, or eat once a day.
But. As long as small minded conservatives and their supporters can keep justifying spending money, all is right and just in Canada. Right? Not a protester, but I think understand why so many people are really upset.

See my notes from the 1988 summit for some perspective:
It's no different this time around.

The powers-that-be are terrified of the will of the people.

didnt know trees were that dangerous! This is getting ridiculous! What are they going to remove next? Glass windows???? Street lights?????

You really have to wonder why the Downsview military base wouldn't have been a better option. It's containable, has an airport onsite so no motorcades, and the leaders will see just about as much of our city as they will in their current surrounds. Trees are a non-issue. And sightlines - pretty low and flat. Plus, it was good enough for the Rolling Stones

Maybe Harper can put up some "fake trees" instead, plastic palm trees would be nice - especially by the "fake lake" then the world leaders would think they are on a tropical island. This has gotten out of hand.

I don't think this has anything to do with "Harper's ego trip" as you put it. The G20 is an important event which will hopefully put Canada on the map as a leader in economic policy. We came out of the recession better than many other countries and it now our time to shine. If that means being overly concerned with the SAFETY of world leaders and the people of Toronto, so be it.

This is unbridled lunacy. A fake lake and the removal of real trees will be two lasting impressions of this billion dollar bullfest.

The most ridiculous "security" measure yet announced. But I'm sure it'll be topped shortly.

I knew those young saplings were up to no good!!

Geeezz at they could've at least plant the saplings around the fake lake

Dig up the trees and insert Harper in one of the holes.

I am unable to make a coherent comment after reading this buuuuuuulllll, So, I'll just close by simply saying......the CO2 is also a threat. Harper...get a life...preferably one in Nicaragua, Ecuador or the South Pole! Oh, oh....he's probably cordon off the Penquins but find a gov't lawyer to isolate him from any STUPID-DOING! This is better than Desperate House-Husbands on TV.

So if they can't manage to work with a couple of small trees in the city, what sort of devastation are they bringing to Muskoka?

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