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Young saplings a security threat, police say

Young saplings that line downtown sidewalks are the latest casualty of the G20.

As was done with trash cans, newspaper boxes and bus shelters, police are now removing the young trees partially out of concern that they might be ripped out and used as arsenal by violent protesters.

‘They’re being removed for a couple of reasons: They’re young and require metal stakes to support them – obviously a security issue. Number two, they can be easily damaged or destroyed, and ultimately used as objects to either injure or cause damage,” said Const. Wendy Drummond, spokesperson for the summit’s Integrated Security Unit.

The trees will be replaced after the summit, she said.

Among the saplings to be uprooted are the ones within the security perimeter — assumingly out of range from anyone looking to use Mother Nature to cause a ruckus.

But it’s not all about keeping the trees from becoming projectiles, she said.

“Trees in full bloom have obscure views and observation is key in a lot of our policing.”


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You know, theoretically you could also whack someone to death with a baseball bat, a golf club or a bookshelf. Does that mean that they're soon going to outlaw the sale of sports equipment and household furniture in this city, too? How much more of this irrational stupidity do we have to endure? Some protesters are always going to arrive with some kind of weapon anyway. They don't need to cut branches off trees in order to do that.

Q1 - When you become fearful that a sapling can become part of the terror threat how do you feel about the guy beside you wearing a stolen TPS uniform? Q2 - How can anyone hide behind a sapling with all the uniforms at ground level? Q3 - After this is all over do we not deserve to find out who's making all these decisions?...

the real sap[ling]s here are the Police

what about manhole covers? are they going to be welded shut. otherwise someone could use them as a discus to throw at the Police.

Better take down the overhead wires...may be used to strangle someone. Then there's the poles that hold up the wires...when will it all end? Jihadist squirrels?What a tragic mistake to host this circus.

Just one more dumb a$$ move for a dumb a$$ meeting

And I hear now that the restaurants in the Entertainment District, just outside of the perimeter along King Street, are being allowed to keep their patios open. Do they not think a chair leg or umbrella stand can be turned into a weapon? Guess not. Kill a tree, but let the patio remain. Stupid in my opinion.

I heard the next G20 security enhancement is new uniforms for all police officers in Toronto

And it cost them $10BILLION to remoce the trees!

Why dont they just stick the whole group out on a crusie ship in the middle of nowhere and leave the normal people alone so they can live there normal lives in a normal running city.

Getting really silly. The Toronto Police are getting a little scarey.

When this frenzied orgy of spending is over and there is auditing of where the money went, how many scandals do you think we'll have? If history repeats itself there will undoubtedly be scandals.

“Trees in full bloom have obscure views and observation is key in a lot of our policing.” REALLY? You're talking about young trees here, and young trees are not strong enough to harbour anyone in their branches. They're also don't have crown large enough that simply moving your observer from one window to the next won't allow the observer to view everything.

This isn't about security. This is about so-called security plans that are running roughshod over this city. What a waste of money, of time, of energy, of the oxygen generated by these trees and of our rights!

I've said this before and I'll say it again - Mr Harper, get out of town and take your conference and your fake lake and your severe paranoia with you.

Let's face it, Canada will always be the "little brother", overcompensating and trying to get attention. They volunteer for every 2 bit operation that goes on around the world always giving overly politically correct opinions, never wanting to upset anyone. My analogy to this event is like Harper being 4 feet tall climing on a chair saying saying 'look at me, I'm just as good as you!'. Speaking of overcompensating, what's with that Evelyn Clitheroe person with 2 law degrees and an mba... she must have the female version of 'small penis syndrome'. I believe most of these overachievers have a few screws loose and some huge emotional baggage. My guess is that she was called dumb everyday of her younger life and is incessantly trying to make up for it.

This is what happens when you have a government that has been allowed to do what it wants. It breeds arrogance on all levels. Canadians grumble a little and then it goes away - Harper knows this and counts on it.

Harper....did you forget you work FOR me? I'm the taxpayer you laugh at. You are playing who has the biggest set and who has the deepest pockets with MY money sir and I work pretty hard for it. Speaking of work....I can't get to work with the gridlock and road closures unless I leave my home 2 hours early. Don't suppose you'll cut my taxes so I can afford an apartment closer to work?

I know you think you're putting us on the map....but we'll get there soon enough once all our schools are closed and cities are bankrupt. Guaranteed press there my friend!!

Well gosh golly geee....... trees are now a danger. It's now becoming clear that if a mind can imagine it, it's a security risk. Do the police know that we can get to the tops of the tall buildings, shatter the windows, and let the glass shards fall with the wind. Guess they'll now have to wrap every building in Toronto with Bubble-Wrap to prevent this. LOL!!!!!

This is ridiculous, might as well have tanks around the convention centre.

Perhaps this will help the Conservatives lose the next election...then those poor little saplings wouldn't have died in vain.

I thought Harper's f/lake was the folly to end all follies, but apparently not. A dangerous and deluded man is running our country. Canada, this must stop. We must kick this criminal minority government out. Here's how:

1. To the Liberals & NDP: merge your parties now. Forget your old meaningless squabbles. You can always divorce later! But DO SOMETHING constructive, quickly, to end this nightmare. Alone, you aren't just losers, you're Harper's pawns. United, you can move the country forward.

2. To the 2/3+ of Canadians who did NOT vote PC: push your MP to support a merger of the Opposition parties into a new Liberal Democrat party. The Right united long ago. It's time for EVERYONE ELSE in Canada to unite with a common purpose of ridding this country of the greatest threat ever to its democracy.

3. Torontonians: you're fed up with this G20 insanity, right? Well, make sure you never, ever forget that anger. Do not EVER again vote for a Conservative, whether provincial or federal, not even if Chretien returns to power! That'll teach Harper to screw with us.

Can't we just shoot the protesters? Or maybe offer them a job and a shower?

That seems easier than all this fuss.

If this absurd moneywasting boondoggle doesn't result in a permanent downturn in the Tory's popular support, then I'm giving up on the Canadian electorate. This summit is the single biggest, craziest, money sucking pile of waste in which Canada has ever been involved. Ever.

it might me just me but i am starting to think this is overkill lol, and the cost of this on taxpayers is nuts, we want to play like the big boys but we are not one of them...gary newmarket

why they don't put the word leaders in a plastic bubble. We may affect them with our breath... I will be walking in the restricted G20 area every day, but I will not brush my teeth during the G20 summit. Please pass this treat to the paranoiac in charge with the security....

These comments are priceless.

The true voices of the general public has spoken, this tree removal crap is just plain dumb.

I would consider protesting the removal of the trees... LOL

Whatever it takes to make this a safe meeting, so be it. I wonder what all your sarcastic remarks would mean if there were to be a major incident... how proud you would be then and how quickly you would say 'they didn't do enough'

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