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Young saplings a security threat, police say

Young saplings that line downtown sidewalks are the latest casualty of the G20.

As was done with trash cans, newspaper boxes and bus shelters, police are now removing the young trees partially out of concern that they might be ripped out and used as arsenal by violent protesters.

‘They’re being removed for a couple of reasons: They’re young and require metal stakes to support them – obviously a security issue. Number two, they can be easily damaged or destroyed, and ultimately used as objects to either injure or cause damage,” said Const. Wendy Drummond, spokesperson for the summit’s Integrated Security Unit.

The trees will be replaced after the summit, she said.

Among the saplings to be uprooted are the ones within the security perimeter — assumingly out of range from anyone looking to use Mother Nature to cause a ruckus.

But it’s not all about keeping the trees from becoming projectiles, she said.

“Trees in full bloom have obscure views and observation is key in a lot of our policing.”


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Harper knows he will never win seats in the GTA anyway so this is his way of saying "Screw all of you who voted for Liberals last time."

Saruman was victimized by trees. We don't want that happening in Hogtown, do we? ;p

I really hope no protesters show up, it would be the greatest way to protest. Show the world how absolutely ridiculous the NWO is, and that we won't buy into this bullshit by thinking that some people yelling and throwing things might have any lasting impact.

Think of all the glass on the buildings. They reflect sunlight obscuring views. They can also be broken and the chards used as weapons. On that token, they should all be removed and replaced after the summit as well. That should only take them 40,000 workhours. Can I suggest that the next time there is one of these photo ops, I mean summits - let them commandeer a deserted island and stay the frack away from the rest of the human race.

Don't you know what trees could do to our precious G20? Have you not seen Lord of the Rings to see what would have when should they join up on the wrong side? Now, if only we could move them to some far-away planet inhabited by blue people...

If Jack Layton formed a government and it was Canada's turn to scratch G20 back what would he do?

It's time to take back the city, enough of Harper's fascism.
Show the world that we the people control our streets.

It would really be nice to have a leader who made decisions based on common sense.

Seriously, besides the extreme and abusive cost, this whole G20 is unlike other G20-type meetings (ego/photo-ops) when held elsewhere. Also, this G20 being held here is becoming more silly and comical with each moment leading up to the event. It's almost as if it's a Kids in the Hall skit, except that the comical skit is really happening and is to be taken seriously. What a farce.

Next, they're going to eradicate the pigeon population in Toronto as they can be trained to carry small bombs to take out specified targets, or even transport small weapons to those who have snuck within the perimeter.

This is so stupid. =_=; GET THIS CRAP OUT OF CANADA. -_-; GIVE IT TO THE U.S. for all I care. =_=;

You ARE joking right? Boy oh boy- must get rid of traffic lights, Glen Gould statue, lampposts- buildings- hippobus- geraniums! That evil terrorist dude is going to sneak up behind it and go BOO!

when will the replanting take place? I'm sure this will run into some red-tape which will cause the replanting to take place sometime in 2020.

When do we acknowledge that the G20 summit is turning Toronto into a fascist state? Will things return to normal after the summit, or will they back off just a little bit so we're still subjected to a loss of liberties when compared to pre-May madness?

The security guys have lost it

dwarfs banned too - NEWS FLASH - G20 summit organizers have banned dwarfs from Toronto for the balance of the G20. they fear that protesters will pick them up and throw them at the police -30-

Seriously, I don't know what the gov't just doesn't give everyone in the city of Toronto, an all expense paid trip out of the city for a week, anywhere they want to go....shut er down! END OF SECURITY PROBLEMS!

I think the Star has now become a complete liberal rag paper. There is no credibility left here. Good bye

Well, you never know what kind of knives or weapons we hide under our clothes. Due to safety considerations for the G20 summit, I think we should all be forced to walk around naked.

The entire issue with respect to removing trees, garbage cans and other potential weapons is ridiculous. There is no need to add huge fences and other containment devices. What the protestors should be told is to peacefully raise their issues at an appropriate distance. If they attempt to enter the secure area, which can be delineated with regular traffic cones or other small barriers, they will be arrested. If they attempt to do damage to people or property they will be stopped using force. The force will escalate according to the threat up to lethal force (shooting the offenders). This would be entirely appropriate. If the protestors become violent they should be met with the appropriate reaction.

If the other towns and cities can sent their police up there for a while then we must not need them here so our police forces need to be cut back.

The sky is falling.

With all the disruptions this is causing, perhaps next time a G20 should be held far away in a forest. Oh wait, I now see how that would be problematic.

Google or wiki 2009 g20 summit protests and you'll see why they are taking drastic security measures.

Thank god somone dealt with the sapling threat.

Great work fellas!

Now, I would feel more safe if somone could deal with the PIDGEONS with bio-weapons strapped to their chests.

Common people...

I don't want to be the guy who says "I told you so.." all the time.

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